SCP Foundation Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Are you a fan of the SCP Foundation? This add-on is for you. It has added new mods from the SCP universe into Minecraft Pocket Edition. Each mod has its own ability. Models and textures in this addon v2.1 are updated, so let’s explore it! (xanax online romania)

Cre: BendyTheDemon18 (Twitter, Youtube)

SCP Foundation Add-on

Use a barrier to remove the door or another
How to interact with objects
Using the keys: Long Tap Keycard Reader, Containment Door,
Punching: Button, Lever FD, Sliding Door
Long tap the objects with the barrier to remove


1. SCP-173

This is a very hostile mob and cannot move if it is looked at by this mob. It will make players blink to be able to attack them more easily

SCP-173 attack you by Snapping them, the player can use a diamond pickaxe long to remove SCP-173

2. SCP-049

You can call Plague Doctor, this mob will infect villager and turn them into zombies
SCP-049 will player and give them a Wither effect. It will turn the human mob into SCP-049-2 (Zombie).

The player can also give the red flower for SCP-049, he will become docile for 30 seconds!

3. SCP-682

This is a hostile mob. SCP-682 will kill anything if its different kinds, so hard to destroy this reptile

  • Immortal, take damage
  • Strength: instant kill
  • Return to its default side over time

4. SCP Foundation -053

This is a little girl but she will give you a heart attack if they come close. SCP-053 will follow any mob in her eyes sight and you will die if you hit her.

  • Health: 20
  • Strength: weak
SCP Foundation

5. SCP-939

This mod can eat any animal and humanoid. In particular, SCP-939 can imitate any mob sound. When it hurt, it will make a very loud noise.

If you are in the sneaking mode, SCP-939 will not attack. Characteristic:

  • 150 Health
  • Strength: 20 damage
  • Spawn naturally

Download SCP Foundation Addon

6. SCP-019

If the player touches this monster pot, SCP-019-2 will crawl out and kill the player

Hold diamond pickaxe in your hand and press the button to destroy the monster pot

SCP-019-2: It extremely dangerous and move very fast

7. SCP-999

This is a friendly mob. It will around you and give them resistance effect and saturation

  • Health: 20
  • It has a sound when you near them
SCP Foundation

8. SCP-066

This is Eric Toy, it looks quite weird. SCP-066 will around player but they don’t attack

9. SCP-1048

A harmless teddy bear, they will around players and don’t attack them. There are two more of bear: SCP-1048-A, SCP-1048-B, SCP-1048-C (builder bear)

  • Health: 200
  • Ability: build an evil version of it. They will kill any players near them. He only builds more bear if you are far away from him (Warning headphones)

10. SCP-106

He is extremely dangerous, his characteristic:

  • Health: 3006
  • Can overcome any obstacle to get his prey


  • “/function add_trail” (require strong device) to give him special effect
  • Use this command “/function remove_trail” to remove it

11. SCP-096

He will kill anyone look his face. His characteristic:

  • Health: too much
  • Run fast, break every block when angry
  • Can big jump toward the victims
  • Kill any mob who look his face

12. SCP-1000

  • Health: 600
  • Damage: 10
  • Attack other monsters
  • Spawn naturally

13. SCP-250

This is a skeleton of Allosaurus that can move around

  • Health: 250
  • Damage: 7
  • Kill everyone and pig
  • Spawn naturally

13. SCP-3199

This is a Chicken man who run very fast and will attack player

  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 3
  • Give poison effect
  • Endless birth, can turn into the invulnerable egg, when killed 200, it will come back as the baby version. Both baby and adult can lay eggs
  • Spawn naturally

You can see how their eggs look in this picture:

14. SCP-093 SCP Foundation

The Unclean Object who has a shape of a humanoid with the head

  • Health: 993
  • Damage: 20
  • Kill players and humans

15. SCP-458

This is a pizza box in SCP Foundation. It has special ability

  • Infinity pizza
  • Cannot be destroyed by anything except this command:
    “/kill @etype=entityscp458]”
  • The player needs to attack it to get pizza

16. SCP-012

This is a bad composition with ability:

– Drag you and other mobs into it and kill them if they’re in range
– They will play a very loud sound when dragging the player
– Give them nausea, blindness and wither (the player won’t be able to move)
– This effect will not affect the player in creative mode

17. SCP-811

This is a Swamp Woman who living in the swamp

  • Health: 150
  • Damage: 7
  • Ability: Docile to the player can breathe in water. Warning sound effect to the player if they are taking her, leap toward the victim and eat it

18. SCP-1316

Like a vanilla cat with special ability:

  • Health: like a normal cat
  • Summon the Chaos Insurgency when it meets the Scientist

19. SCP-1762

When you hit this box, it will open and release the paper dragon. It’s called SCP-1762-2 who will fly around the room after 60 sec

20. SCP-303

This is a door man with the big mouth in SCP Foundation

  • Health: 30
  • Make the creepy sound when the player next to the door. If the player opens the door, they die
  • They will become visible when near the door, invisible when not near the door
SCP Foundation

Note: his ability only works on the doors in this add-on, the vanilla door will work in the next update

21. SCP-131

There are 3 different variants: Orange, yellow, and theme

  • Health: 20
  • Use apple to tame it
  • Move very fast
  • Protect you from it

22. SCP-082

This is a cannibal with green skin. It will attack the player and human

  • Health: 20000
  • Damage: 20
SCP Foundation

23. SCP-073

This is a humanoid male with the arms make from unknown metal, he is friendly

  • Immortal
  • Damage: 10
  • Cain (SCP-073) will turn grass into the dirt, if anything damaged him all the damage, It will reflect back to the attacker
  • Protect the human and players, he will not attack if you attack him first

24. SCP-166

This is a Teenage [REDACTED]

  • Health: 20
  • Don’t let any male human near her
SCP Foundation

25. SCP-2295

This is a patchwork teddy bear. If there are any players or humans, it will actively state. SCP-2295 will heal the target near it and gift them an apple

SCP Foundation

26. SCP-1765

There are 3 sisters, they can bend reality!

27. SCP-111

This is Dragon Snail. They are friendly and lay eggs

28. SCP-323

A monster with the wendigo skull

29. SCP-1678

They look like cops but no face! They are very powerful, to kill them you can only use explosive weapons

30. SCP-953

A Nine-tailed fox girl, she can shapeshift into another human. She is really evil but she afraid of dogs

31. SCP-076-2

SCP-076-2 can become SCP-076-1, after dead, it can come back to life

32. SCP-745

A raptor with the glowing head. They attack in groups and move fast

33. SCP-178

It’s a 3D glasses when you wear it, you can see a creature called SCP-178-1

33. SCP-178-1

If you look them by 3D glasses, they will attack you, so try to come near or interact with them

34. SCP-035

When you wear possessed mask, It will take over your body

35. SCP-058

A heart can move and talk. It really aggressive and moves very fast

36. SCP-023

You will die after 5 minutes if you look at Black Shuck

37. SCP-191

A cyborg child

38. SCP-105

A girl holding a camera who can transport another entity to another place by using her camera

39. SCP-822

If there is anything near cactus, it will explode

40. SCP-847

 A mannequin that hates women

41. SCP-040-JP

42. SCP-001-Prototype

A monster can create a Black Hole

43. SCP-860-2 

A forest guard, it will attack you if you get too close or don’t leave from it in time

44. SCP-500

A pill will heal the player, type this command “/give @s scp500“ to get it

45. SCP-148 – SCP Foundation

This is some kind of ore, player can call it a Telekill Sword. Except for SCP-458, SCP-682, you can kill anything when holding this sword

46. SCP-063

This is the best toothbrush. Except for the block, you can mine every block with this toothbrush

47. SCP-049-2

This is a zombie version of the human mob who acting like a normal zombie. It doesn’t burn in daylight and has a unique animation

HUMAN – SCP Foundation 

D-class, Scientist, Female Researcher

  • Flee away from monsters and things try to hurt them
  • Cured by SCP-049 will turn into SCP-049-2
  • They will pick up the gun from the dead human to protect themself
  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 1


  • Scientist, Female Researcher can switch to melee if near
  • Switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them
    • Health: 20
    • Ranged attack: 5
    • Melee: 10


Chaos Insurgency

It will kill Scientist, Female Researcher, D-class. It can switch to melee if near them and switch to ranged if far away. Chaos will alert the same types to come and help them, so be careful!

  • Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 15
  • Melee: 10

Warning they can grief your world

Nine Tailed Fox – SCP Foundation

  • Kill D-class; Chaos Insurgency protect Female Researcher
  • If a near, scientist can switch to melee; if far away, switch ranged
  • Under following Nine-Tailed fox Commander, they will alert the same types to come and help them

Nine Tailed Fox Commander

Look the same Nine tailed fox but they are stronger

Nine Tailed Fox Nine Tailed Fox Commander
Health 20 40
Ranged 15 10
Melee 10 10

Other MTF Tau-5, Mole Rats, Maz Hatter

You can tame Mole Rat by using gold ingot

Items – SCP Foundation

There are 7 types of item and 3 SCP items:

1. Door Rotator: use the door to rotate them
2. Pizza slice: get from trading with Scientists, Researcher, and SCP-458pizza box
3-4-5. P90, P90 Ammo, Empty P90: can get from trading with scientists
6. Keycard-1: use on Containment door, there is only one at the moment, but it will have more in the future
7. Will protect you from the effect of SCP-053 for a period time

You can get it from the Item Box

Blocks And Doors SCP Foundation

Door: 2 types of the door (can be by both the player and the human)

Sliding Door: Hitting at the bottom of it to open and close

Heavy Door: only open by controller

Containment Door: only open by using Keycard-1, use for containment chamber


Button: punch it or left click to open
Lever: similar to button
Level 1 is yellow
Level 2 is Blue
Level 3 is Red



How to get the gun?

P90: “/give @s gun:p90″
M4A1: “/give @s gun:m4a1″
M249: “/give @s gun:m249”

Credit to 安瑞CN for letting me
use the codes for 3d model gun


053-table: This table will let SCP-053 draw on it

PC: It can both be decorative and used by scientists to call for help

Chair: Humans will sit on them till they get off of the chair, you can sit on it

Dead Body

Facility that will spawn around you are rare. You can use this command to summon them:

/summon facilityb1 or /function facilityb1 / facilityb2 or /function facilityb2

Turn on EXPERIMENTAL mode to use this addon on v1.13

To join and leave Chaos and Guard using:

/function chaos
/function guard
/function leave

Note: if you use this content, least give credit to me. Do my permission


SCP Foundation add-on:
Added 22 new SCPs
Remodel and animations for a lot of SCPs
Added new 2 biomes, more blocks
Added more keycard, door, furniture
Added more sounds
Improved some mobs AI
New facilities
Added 3d guns first person and third person models


SCP Foundation

Download SCP Foundation Addon
or here (backup)

👉 If you like SCP Foundation Add-on, suggests for you check our Realight [Dynamic Lighting] created by XG; Vanilla Twilight Addon created by @HeatFragment.

Minecraft Gun Mod

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[…] SCP Foundation Add-on […]


[…] SCP Foundation Add-on […]


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[…] Creator: BendytheDemon18 […]


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[…] 『SCP Foundation Add-on for Minecraft Pe』 […]

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