SCP: Dystopia Addon v1.6.0

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SCP: Dystopia addon has arrived! This add-on may be used to create your own SCP facility, play survival mode, and roleplay with pals!

And SCP: Dystopia addon contains a large number of blocks, including 3D! They have the ability to improve your facility.

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Cre: LC Studios MC (Youtube)

SCP: Dystopia addon Feature 

SCP: Dystopia addon includes guns, Blocks and SCPs. Let's explore with MCPE Addons:


  • SPAS-12, MP5K, P90, M16, Glock, MP5K
  • (On your left hand, you'll need to pack ammo.)
  • When used with other gun add-ons, these guns will not cause any issues.


  • In the creative menu, all blocks are shown! finally!
  • Warnings are disabled.
  • You can modify the variation of various blocks with the wrench.
  • Dummy blocks will be generated by doors.
  • Lags can occur while using a sittable block. This function command can be used to eliminate delays.

SCPs – SCP: Dystopia addon

Gate Guardian SCP-001

  • SCP-006
  • SCP-007
  • SCP-035
  • SCP-049
  • SCP-058
  • SCP-087
  • SCP-096
  • SCP-3998
  • SCP-106
  • SCP-173
  • SCP-191
  • SCP-280
  • SCP-439
  • SCP-457
  • SCP-458
  • SCP-500
  • SCP-682
  • SCP-734
  • SCP-939
  • SCP-999
  • SCP-1025
  • SCP-1023-ARC
  • SCP-4959
  • SCP-5167

Download SCP: Dystopia addon (Mediafire)

Download SCP: Dystopia addon (Drive)

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Disclaimer / Warning

(Important things are bolded or lined)

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  • LC Studios MC made this add-on.
  • Rian Basudewa is working with Indonesian translation for this add-on.
  • Kaiboi39 made SCP-001 and SCP-682 model for this add-on.
  • BlaringBadge607 is helps us with make videos.
  • Codes are copied from Vanilla Add-on and (It's allowed by them)


  • Sound effects are taken from (Shown in Credits/License)
  • SCP:CB sound effects are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


  • You don't need to ask permission for [3]
  • You can use this add-on for make your own map.
  • You can use any contents in this add-on for make your own add-on.
  • You can use this add-on for make your own video.
  • You need to put link of this page in your video/distribute description.


  • Please don't change creator name in your content credits.
  • You are free to report any problems.
  • Credits / License
  • Credits
  • Zapsplat – Sound Effects
  • MyInstants – Fart Sound Effects
  • Kaiboi39 – For SCP-682 and SCP-001 model!
  • Rian Basudewa – For Indonesian Translation
  • Among Us – InnerSloth LLC (for SCP-5167 sound)
  • SCP – Containment Breach – Sound Effects
  • SCP – Containment Breach Ultimate Edition – Sound Effects


  • This add-on licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0
  • If you are agree to the license, you can do anything.
  • (Make and publish a map with using this add-on, reupload in other app/website, edit source, compiling, view or copy the codes/models/textures, make a video. But you need to write credits or put link of this page in your content/video description)

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  • Dystopia v1.6.0 SCP
  • 5 new guns have been added. (If you use it with other gun add-ons, it won't cause any bugs.)
  • Survival-friendly features have been included.
  • A large number of blocks for walls and floors have been added.
  • Facility 3 (/function scpdystopia/facility3) has been added.
  • SCP-4959 has been added to the mix.
  • SCP-5167 Boss has been added to the mix.
  • Pain relievers have been included.
  • Blast doors have been added to all levels (Except for O5)
  • O5 door and O5 keycard have been added.

Download SCP: Dystopia addon (Mediafire)

Download SCP: Dystopia addon (Drive)

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