Speedarkour [Parkour] | Minecraft Map

This is a challenge for speedy parkour where you can venture from the Plains to the ocean to the Nether and find odd parkour levels!! Let try beating this 5-area Speedarkour map in under 8 minutes!!

Let me quick showcase the map before you accept the challenge

Cre: thatguyzers, Twitter

Speedarkour Features:

Before starting the map, you have a choice to play in Timer Mode (you will be given an 8-minute timer to finish the map)

Your start point is in the Plains

Next, you will go to the Birch Hill Gap

Then onto the ocean (with a sneaky thing to look out for)

Nether is the next place that you have to pass

And an odd End of the Speedarkour

Speedarkour v1.5

  • Amplified past jump’s
  • Added new courses that just make the past versions seem too fast

Here you can see a complex-y block structure

Water Parkour

A more netherized nether

Here is the classic “Take the L”

And many more hidden changes that will make you feel interesting in the Speedarkour map


– Added: New Parkour jumps
– Modified some jumps
– Changed download links for v1.5


You can get .Zip file here: Speedarkour (.zip)

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