Realistic Lucky Block Addon (1.20.50) V7

Introducing Realistic Lucky Block, a unique addon that sets itself apart from other addons. First time out! It can be found in nature and various items are coming out!

Cre: TheLake (Youtube, Twitter)

Realistic Lucky Block

This addon you can craft on a crafting table: 9 gold ingots, 1 blaze rod.

Get it from inventory or command: “give @s thelake: lucky_block“.


  • Set at 0.2 seconds to break the block
  • Can be found on the world’s surface!
  • Can be harvested using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment
  • Crafters have the option to create the lucky block using a crafting table, offering flexibility and choice in gameplay.

What surprised the player?

Realistic Lucky Block when broken will drop random 148 different groups of items, including new items introduced in the 1.16 update!

It might be wools and redstone tools to end portal tools, swords with unique enchantments, potions, blocks, food, spring tools, armor, and much more, the possibilities are endless.

You may walk so far to find Lucky Block in nature, don’t forget to turn on experimental features.

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Glow effect

Luckblock glows at night to make it easier to find.

This version: Compatible With Any Addon!

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Realistic Lucky Block

Realistic Lucky Block (with recipe)
Realistic Lucky Block (without recipe)
or download here (backup link)

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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