Ender Lucky Block Addon

Ender Lucky Block stands out as it diverges from the typical Minecraft item dispensing when opened. This addon introduces more than 40 unique items tied to the End. These special items combined with regular game items, elevate the excitement.

Cre: Beyond64 (Youtube)

Ender Lucky Block

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

All items drop randomly, with vanilla items having a higher probability than custom ones. The chances are 35% for custom items and 65% for vanilla items.

< Experimantal Required: Holiday Creators >

Weapons and Loots 

  • 45 custom items
  • Ender Lucky Block
  • Abundance of vanilla loots

12 Sword – 4 Scythe – 4 Hammer – 4 Blade – 4 Sphere – 2 Wand – 6 Book

Explore Lucky Block Addon for an enriched Minecraft experience!

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


Ender Lucky Block

Ender LuckyBlock Addon
or download here (backup link)

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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