Fire Lucky Block for Minecraft V1.0

The Fire Lucky Block stands out with its unique characteristics which are fire. Created by Beyond64. This luckyblock when upon opening it, a myriad of events unfolds. You might encounter hordes of zombies or discover specially crafted swords and pickaxes. However, tread carefully, as the outcome isn’t always favorable. Slimes resembling zombies might emerge, posing a threat to your safety. Just be vigilant for potential hazards to keep safe!

Cre: Beyond64 (Youtube)

< Experimantal Required: Holiday Creators >

Fire Lucky Block

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Custom Loot List

  1. Burned Diamond Sword
  2. Fire Charge Sword
  3. Fire God Pickaxe
  4. Fire God Sword
  5. Fire Pickaxe
  6. Fire Steel Sword
  7. Fire Sword
  8. Holy Fire Pickaxe
  9. Holy Fire Sword
  10. Lava Pickaxe
  11. Lava Sword
  12. Magma Sword
  13. Phoenix Sword
  14. Soul Fire Sword

Lots More Vanilla Lots Like Nametag, Iron, Diamon, Emerals, Totem Of Undying, etc


Fire Lucky Block

Download Fire Luck Block

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

or here (backup link)

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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