AddOns80 NEW outcomes New Lucky Block AddOn v1.8

80 NEW outcomes New Lucky Block AddOn v1.8

Breaking some questionable blocks in Minecraft? Explore TheBombBard’s New Lucky Block with 16 new luck-based blocks and 6 new luck-based items!

Cre: TheBombBard (Youtube, Twitter)

New Lucky Block AddOn

It was originally a Minecraft Java mod that allowed the player to craft and test their luck by breaking a new block. But today introduce to everyone a version of Minecraft Bedrock that adds 14 instead of one.

All of blocks above have 30 different outcomes from being broken, and fall into three different sections: progressive, outright, and weighted.


This is a bit normal one of the New Lucky Block addon, it will progressively get luckier as you use a rarer material.

Dirt -> Wood -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond


Allow one side of the outcomes to be chosen when broken.

Coal = Bad, Netherite = Good

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


Can have every outcome, but are heavily weighted to drop a more specific group of outcomes.

  • Emerald = Villager outcomes, Redstone = Redstone outcomes, Lapis = Enchanting outcomes,
  • Copper = Equipment outcomes, Amethyst = 1.17 block outcomes,
  • End Stone = End outcomes, Netherrack = Nether outcomes, Sculk = 1.19 outcomes

Lucky Items

There are 6 new lucky items: defender, protector, preserver, supporter, slayer, and breaker.

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There are all 131 out for yourself, have fun finding them =]]


New Lucky Block

Download New Lucky Block .mcaddons

or download here (backup link)

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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