80 NEW outcomes New Lucky Block AddOn v1.8

Breaking some questionable blocks in Minecraft? Explore TheBombBard’s New Lucky Block with 16 new luck-based blocks and 6 new luck-based items!

Cre: TheBombBard (Youtube, Twitter)

New Lucky Block AddOn

It was originally a Minecraft Java mod that allowed the player to craft and test their luck by breaking a new block. But today introduce to everyone a version of Minecraft Bedrock that adds 14 instead of one.

All of blocks above have 30 different outcomes from being broken, and fall into three different sections: progressive, outright, and weighted.


This is a bit normal one of the New Lucky Block addon, it will progressively get luckier as you use a rarer material.

Dirt -> Wood -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond


Allow one side of the outcomes to be chosen when broken.

Coal = Bad, Netherite = Good

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


Can have every outcome, but are heavily weighted to drop a more specific group of outcomes.

  • Emerald = Villager outcomes, Redstone = Redstone outcomes, Lapis = Enchanting outcomes,
  • Copper = Equipment outcomes, Amethyst = 1.17 block outcomes,
  • End Stone = End outcomes, Netherrack = Nether outcomes, Sculk = 1.19 outcomes

Lucky Items

There are 6 new lucky items: defender, protector, preserver, supporter, slayer, and breaker.

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There are all 131 out for yourself, have fun finding them =]]


New Lucky Block

Download New Lucky Block .mcaddons

or download here (backup link)

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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