Rainbow Lucky Block Race

Rainbow Lucky Block Race is a Map for adventurers where you will face many problems including enemies, obstacles, unpredictable explosions, falls into the void and much more…but all They’re not the worst, but the hardest part is finding magical weapons to freeze your enemies and deal with the obstacles you encounter along the way.

Cre: Effect99MC (Youtube, Twitter)

How to play with Rainbow Lucky Block Race?

You will move through the set arc and then break the blocks of your track until you reach the end, fight with your friends in the battle arena and find out who is the winner. 

At the end of each race are clouds that are like a bridge to help you cross and continue. 

To avoid losing luggage during exploration you can restore the adventure map by switching from day to night

Note when playing you should not use the /kill . command and use the command: /function lag to remove the lag, prevent it from damaging, remove annoying mobs and objects. 

Downloads Rainbow Lucky Block Race

Rainbow Lucky Block Race

or here

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