Minecraft PvZ 2 Map for MCP

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Plants vs Zombies has long been a classic game that many people choose, if you are a fan of it, you definitely cannot miss this texture in minecraft.

This map with 15+ PvZ Maps in this Minecraft world, will be interesting with Zombie Spawners.

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Cre: LiL Craft YT, Youtube

Minecraft PvZ 2 Map

Minecraft PvZ 2 Map will have some game modes you can see in below:

  • Vasebreaker Mode
  • Zen Garden (night)
  • Zen Garden (aquarium)
  • Zombiquarium
  • Zomboss Fight
  • Zen Garden
  • Night Thunderstorm Mode (pool)
  • Endless Mode (and zombie spawner entities)
  • Multiplayer Mode (zombie team vs plants team)
  • Slot-machine
  • Night Fog Mode – (pool)

And others in Minecraft PvZ 2 Map such as

  • PvZ Background Sounds for each map
  • Many plants and zombies to choose from
  • Many modes to choose from
  • Realistic Lawn textures
  • No limitations! Play all you want

It’s not over yet if you feel it’s monotonous you can turn on the mod sound by finding in function box with the syntax

  • /playsound (sound id) @p or
  • /playsound grasswalk @p

Some Sound Id’s if you want to play it manually

  • Ready_set_plant
  • Puzzle
  • Grasswalk
  • Menu
  • Night
  • Pirate_seas
  • Steam_ages
  • Night_pool
  • Big wave beach
  • Dark_ages
  • Zen
  • Egypt
  • Frostbite_cave
  • Pool
  • Roof
  • Jurrasic_marsh
  • Kung_fu
  • Lost_city
  • Wild_west


This texture had added new plants, New zombies, new textures for lawns, new background sounds Optimization improvements new game modes and increased the ‘see’ range of zombies, zombie spawner, and zomboss


Minecraft PvZ 2

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[…] Minecraft PvZ 2 Map for MCP […]


[…] Minecraft PvZ 2 Map for MCP […]


[…] Minecraft PvZ 2 Map for MCP […]

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