Parkour Cubiculum Adventure Map

Parkour Cubiculum is a map for players who like to conquer, it consists of 12 unique themed levels of increasing difficulty. 

You will have to overcome each topic with different difficulty and have the opportunity to explore all the topics of the map if you are persistent, let’s start right now. 

Cre: The Sonic Master, Youtube

About Parkour Cubiculum


  • Note, if you want to join multiplayer this map can help but not sure will give you the best experience, because this map is not optimized for multiplayer
  • Do not redistribute or dissemble resource/behaviour pack(s) in Parkour Cubiculum


  • This map is created and developed and Artwork/banners made by The Sonic Master. 
  • In addition, custom arrow blocks made by Amdree
  • Building contributors: Amdree, TortillaJustice, SoulDinosaur115, MinecatMeow, IDrxp x1q.

Below are some screenshots that you will experience when downloading the map right away:


Parkour Cubiculum

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