Raid Arena [2021] (Competitive PvP / Battle Map)

Raid Arena is a 2-4 players kit-based battle map! Players start by picking a kit, each kit has 4-5 “gear slots”, each gear slot has a piece of gear that can be upgraded by using levels. Kits also have a “special” ability that only they possess.

Creator: Raid games (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

After selecting their kit players will fight in one of twelve preselected arenas to fight in. At the end of a round, the last man standing will receive a victory point. Everyone also receives one level at the end of around.

After players receive their levels, they will be taken to the “shop”. There they can use their levels to purchase upgrades to their gear that will help them win in future fights.

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After all, players have left the shop, the next round of fighting will start. This cycle of fighting then upgrading gear continues until one player has collected the select amount of victory points which can range from 4, 8, or 12 Victory Points

Raid Arena


Raid Arena is a competitive PvP map. The game is balanced for 2 players, however, can support a total of 4 players in a game. What makes Raid Arena unique from other PvP maps? This is unique shop system. After each round, players receive levels that can be spent on gear upgrades at the shop. The kits of Raid Arena share the same type of gear. Every kit has 4-5 pieces of upgradable gear out of the eleven total types of gear in the game. Gear can only be upgraded to level 4, at that point, that piece of gear will no longer be upgradavle. The types of gear in the game are: Sword, Axe, Armor, Equipment, Nature, Bow, Crossbow, Potion, Apple, Health, and Absorption. Kits also have a “special” ability that unique to just that kit. Some examples of specials are: “Spend II when near others, “Better Armor upgrades”, “Reduced environmenal damage”,… Raid Arena also has a variety of custom items that are available from gear upgrades such as a “cloud block” which when dropped temporarily gives nearby players levitation or Glow Lichen that gives players slowness III when stepped on. Overall Raid Arena is a well polished, competitive, and unique PvP map.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Realm invited code (For online play): CLICK HERE


Kit changes:

  • Added a new kit: White
  • (White gear: Axe I, Crossbow I, Armor I, Potion II, Health I. Armor item: Ice blocks. Special: Speed III when near arrows)
  • [nerf] Purple now receives a crossbow at armor III (Previously armor II)
  • [buff] Purples crossbow now can shoot three shots before breaking (previously one)

Gear changes

  • [nerf] Bow I now receives 4 arrows (previously 8)
  • [nerf] Bow II now receives 6 arrows (Previously 8)
  • [nerf] Bow III now receives 7 arrows (Previously 8)
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