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Quarry add-on is a block that extracts ores like diamonds, irons, coals, golds, redstones, emeralds, and every thing that is found, such as stone, obsidian, dirt, etc. And of course, larva and water will not be a nuisance to the machine. Creator: Effect99MC How to use the quarry block? Simply break the quarry block and … Read more

Quarry Block AddOn for Minecraft Pe

Quarry _Block_AddOn_for_Minecraft_Pe_04

Quarry block addon with a new block that extracts ores like a Diamond, Iron, Coal, Gold, Redstone, Emerald,… Even everything that you can found like stone, obsidian, or dirt, etc. The machine is not nuanced by lava and water in this addon Cre: Effect99MC, Youtube, Twitter How does quarry block works? Firstly, break the quarry … Read more

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