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Make your world become more realistic with BNS shader. It’s supported for mobile users (iOS, Android). To this shader work as run as smooth and no lags, the device should over 1GB+ RAM. If the player still lags for a 1 -2 GB RAM device, you have to reduce your render chunk distance to 7 below.

Cre: RenderChunk Gaming

BNS Shader RAM Specs:

  • 1GB RAM: Normal like the vanilla pack
  • 2GB RAM: Smooth
  • 3GB RAM: Super Smooth
  • 4GB RAM: No lag, super-duper smooth

So I recommend this shader for 2 -4 GB+ of ram for mobile device


  • Realistic Water + Sky
  • Underwater Wavy Effect
  • Clear Water
  • Rendered Clouds
  • Smooth Shadow
  • Block Side Shadows
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Rain Fog Effect
  • Waving Grass, Leaves, Flowers, and more
  • Realistic Blocks
  • Realistic Sun and Moon
  • Sunflare Effect
  • Night Sky Rendered

If the blocks are invisible, just simply go to settings
reset/clear minecraft data.

Minecraft Shaders

Licence terms

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted without the author’s permission.
A person with permission must share the shader only with the official download links and credits to the author.
For other ways of sharing and editing the codes, you must contact the author.
You are allowed to showcase or share my shader on YouTube, but at least leave my credit on the description. I am trusting you to share my shader with the world

More Credits

@PSLOL3 who lending me his sun-moon code
@TheHybred who lending me his sky. material code

Note from Creator

There are two types of files for you to choose:

  • The first is the Vanilla: the texture of the blocks and other more are the same
  • The second one: the feature is the same in both packs, they just differ in textures

This shader supports only in mobile, and iOS platforms, Minecraft pe and be


– Thank you for downloading BNS Shader v1.5, please download other mcpe/mcbe shader:
ENBS Shader
– Contact one of my social media’s if you experience any bugs or send me a Mail to [email protected]
mcpeaddons download

More shaders to make your world look more beautiful:

Minecraft Shaders

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[…] shader is used in this seed: BNS Shader v1.5; Energy […]

Ayyu Qilan
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Ayyu Qilan
1 year ago
1 year ago

Can I download this texture

1 year ago
Reply to  jerald

Yesss dear 🥰

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