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Boats that have power! Jet-ski and Speedboats for all your Summer Cruising needs. With Powerboats Add-on, no more sore arms rowing across the vast oceans of Minecraft!No mo embarrassment showing up for a glorious Ocean Monument battleā€¦ In your rowboat.

Cre: mno (Twitter, Youtube)

Powerboats Add-on

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Two powerboats, to start with. There are more to come!

To get either of these powerboats, you need to craft the appropriate upgrade kit and interact with a regular Minecraft boat whilst holding it. It will magically transform into an awesome motorized beast.


Can take 4 people and explore the amazing ocean depths of Minecraft.

Repairable with iron ingots or redstone.


Fast! Seat for players. Fixable with iron ingots. Nine varieties. The wooden varieties are faster but fewer hitpoints (40 instead of 80). The two army varieties are slower but more hitpoints (100).

It will drop a speedboat spawn egg when it's destroyed so if you don't like what ya go, try, try again!

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To create a speedboat you need a speedboat upgrade kit. Recipe for such a thing (black blocks are coal):

JET-SKI – Powerboats Add-on

Five varieties, all perform the same. Yeah, that's a bit boring I know. But, any races will be decided on skill alone! They generally a bit slower than speedboats (faster on land though, but still painfully slow). Also repairable with iron ingots.

They also drop a jet-ski spawn egg when destroyed.

Crafting recipe for the upgrade kit:

Fishing Boat

Three seaters, two variants, cheap as! Pretty fast too, definitely better than a vanilla boat and no rowing required! Craft an upgrade kit like this:


Powerboats Add-on

Download Powerboats Add-on or here

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