Capture The Sheep [Minigame] [PvP

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To start the game, this map requires at least two players. The task of each team is to capture the sheep and someways, let return it to its base to earn points. Now get resources for your team, the kill the opposite team. If your enemy dies or is pushed out of the arena, all the members of your team will obtain resource

Cre: Team Infinite MindsTwitter 

How to play Capture The Sheep map?

  • To attract or force the sheep to the base of your team, use the items provided. You also can buy a villager weapon at your base.
  • Leave the sheep in the crystals to increase your team’s score and kill enemies for more resources

Capture The Sheep Next update?

The next update is planned (around 20/08/2020)

  • Potions Return (will appear randomly on the map)
  • Selection of store chest or villager
  • Language selection

List of languages to be added:

  • English (10/08/2020)
  • Portuguese (Br)
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • And more


– Fixed respawning (Blue Team)
– Added new item to the store
– Change prices in the store
– Changed the durability of some swords, now you can only hit 6 times
– The map should now work in realms


Download on my site (No ad only 20 downloads)

You can get .ZIP file here: Capture The Sheep [Minigame] (AD ZIP)

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