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New UHD FuseRealism will be a texture pack spend for you If you love the realistic style in Minecraft. New UHD – Fuserealism was designed with high-resolution textures (100+ Textures) in 256×256 resolution

Cre: OccultFusion, Youtube

New UHD FuseRealism

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100+ Ultra realistic and seamless Textures:

  • Tree barks including Log Tops
  • Nature textures: Grass, Snow, Dirt, Etc….
  • Tiles, Planks, Floors, And Terracottas
  • Plants And Leaves
  • Ambient Sounds Birds Chirping, Wind, Etc…
  • New Colored Glass

Added many Nether Blocks like Quartz, Netherrack, and Much More.

Armour Models

Added saplings and fixed some foliage issues. Recommend use shader with this pack

  • Without shader
  • Use Shader

Pictures of New UHD – FuseRealism:


mcpeaddons download

FuseRealism (Xbox, Mobile, Windows 10)

Fuserealism Sound Pack (200MB)

Note from creator

  • Please make sure you have music volume on highest if you don't hear any ambient sounds
  • Use shader with this pack to improve the overall quality
  • This resource pack is still in development, so there are still some bugs
  • Special, the download link is monetized. Please don't mind the minor inconvenience. It is for my financial support


+ Many Nether Blocks like: Quartz, Netherrack, And Much More.
+ Armour Models.
+ TrapDoors
+ Saplings
+ Saplings and fixed some foliage issues.
– Fixed
+ The Coloring Of Many Blocks Like The Oversaturated Sand.
+ The Ores, Made them Pop out a little more

👉 If you like our New UHD – FuseRealism, you can also check our Animated Outlined Ores created klutzyy; PatarHD 90k Subs PvP  created by PacoRxsh


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