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Pixies are coming to Minecraft! With Pixies add-on, you will have in your world several types of pixies, and of course, you can tame them! Each one has its own qualities, you will get effects when you tame a Pixie

Go out there and try to catch some Pixies in your world. They are fast so you have to be faster!

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Creator: Vadact Studios (Twitter)


Pixies are passive creatures that can be found in Forests but passive doesn’t mean they will be easy to catch! You will have to run after them to catch and tame them.



The green pixie can be your best partner in the adventure, when you tame her, it gives you in return Jump Boost to climb higher!


The blue pixie loves speed and likes sugar. With her, you will get speed to feel the rush


The purple pixie has never been the most loving one, she will give you the power to break even the heaviest armor! You can get the strength with her


The rarest of all, there are not many of them anymore. You will need more luck to get one of these. With her, you can get the power of Regeneration!


  • 0-2 pixies dust upon death


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  • Pixies are relative peaceful, and will not attack players in anyway, even when they are attacked themselves


  • Pixies are albe to be tamed with cake, when you hve a tamed pixie, they will follow you wherever you go, if you don’t want the pixie to keep on following, you can make them sit.

Tamed pixies provide a certain positive effect to the player, depending on their color. The color of the Pixie and the status effects it gives include the following:

  • Pink: Strength
  • Purple: Jump Boost
  • Blue: Speed
  • Green: Luck
  • Yellow: Haste


Pixie Soups

Dark Oak Bowl


Pixies add-on bug Fix

  • Fixed pixies not giving the player effects when tamed
  • Fixed Flying glitch when the pixie is sitting on the ground
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