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Is it true that you’re looking for yourself? Try with EV Shader v1.0. Looking for a low-end device shader that’s pleasant, simple, fluid, and lightweight? Okay, here’s a quick and easy shader for low-end devices. Let’s get started Mcpeaddons.com.

Cre: EDDGames (Youtube

EV Shader v1.0

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Shader are developed in a very straightforward manner.

This is the shader’s light, which is just bright enough but not too bright.

Note that the shader is only compatible with Android. It is not possible to use Render Dragon (MCPE Win10). I’m not familiar with the remainder of the iOS operating system.

The shadow can be seen here.

The water in the shader isn’t anything spectacular.

When it rains, this is what happens.

Shader night has arrived.

The torch’s color isn’t particularly distinctive.

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mcpeaddons download

Download EV Shader v1.0


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1 year ago

[…] it true you’re on the lookout for yourself? Try with EV Shader v1.0. It’s looking for a nice, simple, fluid, and lightweight low-end device shader? Okay, […]

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