Fused Vanilla Shader VLight-The Final Update

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Fused Vanilla Shader VLight will add brilliant colors, shadows (optional), wave movements, and a lot more to your dull and drab worlds. This shader is recommended if you want to improve your vanilla Minecraft without sacrificing performance, as it is FPS friendly and will run smoothly on devices with 1-2 GB of RAM.

Cre: Fused Bolt (Youtube)

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight

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Fused Vanilla Shader VLight is a basic shader that aims to mimic vanilla as closely as possible.


  • Leaves that are waving
  • Water that is swaying and water that is swaying underwater
  • Colors that pop
  • Lighting with a soft yellow torch
  • A realistic sky with a realistic sun, moon, and moving clouds OR a realistic sky with a realistic sun, moon, and moving clouds
  • Added thicc clouds to the vanilla sky.
  • Stars twinkling
  • Animated flowers and other plants, such as lily pads and saplings, as well as brightly colored water shadows (OPTIONAL)

In-game shots

Day time:

Without shadows

With shadows

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Vanilla Sky Enhanced with Thicc Clouds:

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight
Fused Vanilla Shader VLight

Realistic clouds, sun, and moon in a realistic sky:

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight
Fused Vanilla Shader VLight

Night time:


With shadows:

mcpeaddons download

Download  Fused Vanilla Shader VLight (No Shadow) or here (Drive)

Download  Fused Vanilla Shader VLight (With shadow) or here (Drive)


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[…] Vanilla Shader Fused VLight is a simple shader that strives to be as close to vanilla as possible. […]

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