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Outertale Sans Addon adds up a character from the Undertale Alternate Universes called Outertale Sans, who is Tremendously strong and has extremely powerful magic and attacks when fighting his enemies. Outertale Sans is so powerful that he can kill God mobs in just seconds or minutes without getting killed! Now, this addon is available on mcpeaddons.

Creator: Aaron Gamer (Youtube)


Outertale Sans:

His attack is below:

  • Outer Bones
  • Outer bone lucker
  • Gaster Blaster

And you can use these items to spawn bones, stars, and blasters

What’s new?

  • Update Sans texture
  • Add 3D Gaster blasters
  • Dadd 3D range shot bones
  • Add 3 glowingstar types
  • Add new particles
  • Add custom items to shoot bones, stars, and gaster blasters
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