Ore Sheep Add-On V3

Ore Sheep Add-On V3 adds 21 new types of Sheep to your world, They generate naturally in the wild and you’re also suitable to transfigure a regular Sheep into a new type of ore Sheep. That drop ore blocks when sheared. 

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Ore Sheep Add-On v3

Ore Sheep Add-On v3 will add 21 new types of Sheep, it’s includes:

-Diamond Ore Sheep    -Dirt Sheep
-Emerald Ore Sheep    -Gravel Sheep
-Gold Ore Sheep       -Sand Sheep
-Iron Ore Sheep       -Stone Sheep
-Lapis Ore Sheep      -Magma Sheep
-Redstone Ore Sheep   -Netherrack sheep
-Coal Ore Sheep       -Obsidian Sheep
-Quartz Sheep         -Soul Sand Sheep
-Ice Sheep            -Snow Sheep
-Glowstone Sheep      -Netherite Sheep
-Zombie Sheep


How to transfigure them

Step 1: Throw a potion of weakness at a regular Sheep

Step 2: Feed the Sheep any of these blocks to transfigure them


1. Diamond Block

2. Emerald Block

3. Gold Block

4. Iron Block

5. Lapis Block

6. Redstone Block

7. Coal Block

8. Quartz Block

9. Dirt

10. Gravel

11. Beach

12. Stone

13. Magma Block

14. Ntherrack

15. Netherrack

16. Glowstone

17. Packed Ice

18. Snow Block

19. Netherite Block

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How to Shear Them

  • These Sheep can not be sheared using shears, They each bear a specific item to shear them, some bear a pickaxe and others bear a shovel to be suitable to shear them.
  • They Generate naturally everyplace a regular Sheep generate
  • Some will only Generate in specific biomes, Sand Sheep only generate in the desert and others only generate in the nether. They’re also available in the creative force


  • You can breed all of them using wheat.
  • You can also now combine a many of them together to make different types of Sheep
  • Parentage a gravestone and magma Sheep will make an Obsidian Sheep
  • Clay and Dirt Sheep will make a Sand Sheep
  • Beach and Netherrack Sheep will make a Soul Sand Sheep

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Ore Sheep Add-On V3

Glowstone Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of glowstone
  • Drops glowstone dust when sheared using a pickaxe
  • Glows in the dark

Snow Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of snow
  • Drops Snow Blocks when sheared using a Shovel
  • Leaves a trail of snow analogous to a snow golem

Ice Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep Packed Ice
  • Drops 1-3 blocks of packed ice

Netherite Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of Netherite
  • Drops Ancient Debris

Zombie Sheep

  • Spawns at night
  • Will attack any player/ Sheep
  • If it damages any of the Sheep it’ll transfigure them into zombie Sheep
Ore Sheep Add-On V3


  • Added 5 new types of Sheep
  • Changed the way you transfigure the Sheep
  • Fixed Parentage
  • Fixed Sheep not eating
mcpeaddons download

Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (BP) OR Download here (Drive) 

Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (RP) OR Download here (Drive) 

Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (No Ads)

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