Ore Sheep Add-On V3

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Ore Sheep Add-On V3 adds 21 new types of Sheep to your world, They generate naturally in the wild and you’re also suitable to transfigure a regular Sheep into a new type of ore Sheep. That drop ore blocks when sheared. 

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Ore Sheep Add-On v3

Ore Sheep Add-On v3 will add 21 new types of Sheep, it’s includes:

-Diamond Ore Sheep    -Dirt Sheep
-Emerald Ore Sheep    -Gravel Sheep
-Gold Ore Sheep       -Sand Sheep
-Iron Ore Sheep       -Stone Sheep
-Lapis Ore Sheep      -Magma Sheep
-Redstone Ore Sheep   -Netherrack sheep
-Coal Ore Sheep       -Obsidian Sheep
-Quartz Sheep         -Soul Sand Sheep
-Ice Sheep            -Snow Sheep
-Glowstone Sheep      -Netherite Sheep
-Zombie Sheep


How to transfigure them

Step 1: Throw a potion of weakness at a regular Sheep

Step 2: Feed the Sheep any of these blocks to transfigure them


1. Diamond Block

2. Emerald Block

3. Gold Block

4. Iron Block

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5. Lapis Block

6. Redstone Block

7. Coal Block

8. Quartz Block

9. Dirt

10. Gravel

11. Beach

12. Stone

13. Magma Block

14. Ntherrack

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15. Netherrack

16. Glowstone

17. Packed Ice

18. Snow Block

19. Netherite Block

How to Shear Them

  • These Sheep can not be sheared using shears, They each bear a specific item to shear them, some bear a pickaxe and others bear a shovel to be suitable to shear them.
  • They Generate naturally everyplace a regular Sheep generate
  • Some will only Generate in specific biomes, Sand Sheep only generate in the desert and others only generate in the nether. They’re also available in the creative force


  • You can breed all of them using wheat.
  • You can also now combine a many of them together to make different types of Sheep
  • Parentage a gravestone and magma Sheep will make an Obsidian Sheep
  • Clay and Dirt Sheep will make a Sand Sheep
  • Beach and Netherrack Sheep will make a Soul Sand Sheep

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Ore Sheep Add-On V3

Glowstone Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of glowstone
  • Drops glowstone dust when sheared using a pickaxe
  • Glows in the dark

Snow Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of snow
  • Drops Snow Blocks when sheared using a Shovel
  • Leaves a trail of snow analogous to a snow golem

Ice Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep Packed Ice
  • Drops 1-3 blocks of packed ice

Netherite Sheep

  • Can be attained by feeding a Sheep a block of Netherite
  • Drops Ancient Debris

Zombie Sheep

  • Spawns at night
  • Will attack any player/ Sheep
  • If it damages any of the Sheep it’ll transfigure them into zombie Sheep
Ore Sheep Add-On V3


  • Added 5 new types of Sheep
  • Changed the way you transfigure the Sheep
  • Fixed Parentage
  • Fixed Sheep not eating
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Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (BP) OR Download here (Drive) 

Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (RP) OR Download here (Drive) 

Download Ore Sheep Add-On v3 (No Ads)

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