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Sometimes you see the animals in Minecraft are hard to lure by wheat, seeds, or carrots. Even they ignore the lure and become too slow in-game. In addition, you also can see when you leash them but they escape because you too fast. Is it right? Don’t need to worry because, with this Carry Animals addon, it will get easier to bring animals to go anywhere in the game

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How does Carry Animals Addon work?

This addon will let you carry animals to go anywhere in your Minecraft world. You don’t need to use any lure or leash to bring them beside you. To bring them to a certain spot, you just need to come near them and you will carry them

Carry Gloves

First, you need to carry gloves for carrying animal, this item is required!

  • Use Carry Gloves near a mob in order to carry it
  • Drop the mob when switching to another item

List animals that you can carry:

– Fox
– Cat
– Wolf
– LLama
– Sheep
– Cow
– Pig
– Mooshroom
– Chicken
– Donkey
– Rabbit
– Bee
– Horse
– Strider

Note: In the new version, the player animation is removed to compatible with other addons

There are 2 versions on Carry Animals Addon:

  • With crouch version: you have to sneak near the mob in order to carry, un-sneaking will drop the mob
  • No crouch version: you don’t need to sneak when carrying the mob, sneaking will drop the mob
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


– Removal of player.json and other mob resources
– Added: Carry Glove item
– Changed:
+ How to two version works
+ The ride position of animals


Carry Glove Add-on (No Crouch).mcaddon
Carry Glove Add-on (With Crouch).mcaddon

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