Apex Legends – Firing Range

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A straightforward firing range. The custom Add-On that adds a variety of Apex Legends guns and items to this map is unique. Use these items to put your talents to the test and defend yourself against armed bots.

Cre: DeathlyTroll

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Apex Legends – Firing Range

This Firing Range, located in Apex Legends‘ “King’s Canyon,” offers a variety of applications for interacting with bespoke weaponry from the Apex Legends Battle Royale game. On targets (output displayed by instructions) and ambient or hostile entities, test accuracy, range, damage, recoil, and movement. The enemy’s gear can be changed in-game.

The following Weapons are available:

  • Bocek Compound Bow
  • Eva-8 Auto (Shotgun)
  • G7 Scout (Rifle)
  • Hemlok Burst AR (AR)
  • Kraber .50 CAL (Sniper)
  • Longbow DMR (Sniper)
  • M600 Spitfire (LMG)
  • P2020 (Pistol)
  • R-301 (AR)
  • Wingman (Pistol)

Every weapon has a distinct gameplay style. Their design emphasizes both the sight of gunfire and the smoothness of gameplay. The number of weapons on the test range has been decreased to the ten listed above.

Ammunition, throwables, and consumables for health and protection are also available. You’ll notice that all of these goods have features that facilitate open world gameplay, similar to what you’d see in well-known battle royale games.

We welcome feedback on weapon handling and design.

Apex Legends - Firing Range

This Add-On was created for a big Battle Royale game that is currently being developed. Outside the Firing Range, you can still find everything.

Some Maps Minecraft PE are similar Apex Legends – Firing Range you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


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I haven’t changed anything. Map & AddOn were created only by myself. It is impossible that anybody has ever published any of it before.

The Add-On is nothing seperat, it is an essential part of this submission. I generally only use own mods for my maps. AND they will never be available seperately.

Please give evidence if there is a submission looking similar to this one! Or which part of this one looks like that.

Apex Legends - Firing Range

Download Apex Legends – Firing Range (Mcpack)

Download Apex Legends – Firing Range (Zip)  


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how do i reload

Shaders for MCPE

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