Strengthened Villagers (v1.1.2)

The idea comes from the Vindication Villager Addon, however instead of only giving people iron axes, you can strengthen them by giving them weapons. The Vindication Villager Addon appears to be obsolete in order for raids to trigger and perform properly, due to the addition of pillagers and raids in the Village and Pillage update. Villagers who have been strengthened will naturally procreate.

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How does Strengthened Villagers addon work?

Strengthened villagers have a 25% chance to spawn naturally.

You can reinforce the villager by giving him a weapon if he isn’t already. The following is a list of weapons that are acceptable:

  • Swords (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite. Attack Damage: 6 – 10)
  • Axes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite. Attack Damage: 5 – 9)
  • Shovels (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite. Attack Damage: 3 – 7)
  • Pickaxes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite. Attack Damage: 4 – 8)
  • Hoes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite. Attack Damage: 4 – 8)

To strengthen them, do the following:

Windows 10: Hold one of the above-mentioned weapons, then sneak up on the villager and right-click him to empower him. You don’t need to sneak if you’re in creative mode; simply right-click on him.

Strengthened Villagers

Hold one of the above-mentioned weapons, then sneak up on the villager and long hold or tap the Strengthen button to strengthen him. You don’t need to sneak if you’re in creative mode; simply long press on him or tap the Strengthen button.

Wandering traders can be strengthened in the same manner that villagers can. Similarly, with a 25% chance, some roaming traders will spawn in a stronger form.

You can’t strengthen infant villagers until they reach adulthood.

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They will no longer flee from zombies and illagers after being strengthened, but will instead fight them.

Other creatures will be attacked as well. They will not fight hoglins and zoglins if the difficulty is quiet.

If creepers are ready to explode, they will flee as rapidly as possible to avoid the blast.

They will not hide in the house if a raid occurs; instead, they will fight.

Please keep in mind that reinforced villagers and roaming traders are both neutral mobs. This means that if you cause them harm, they will retaliate by attacking you. Villagers and traveling traders, on the other hand, are not neutral mobs. As a result, they will not attack you simply because you have harmed them.

Villagers who have been strengthened and spawn naturally will protect villagers who have not been strengthened. Because they protect villagers in the same way that iron golems do, if your popularity is too low, they will treat you as if you were an iron golem. To keep your popularity from dwindling, don’t attack or murder villagers or iron golems. To boost your popularity, you should trade with villagers, upgrade villagers, assist villagers in defeating raids, and so on.

You can feed them to heal them if they are injured. The following is a list of foods that are acceptable:

  • Apple (Heal Amount: 4)
  • Baked Potato (Heal Amount: 5)
  • Beetroot (Heal Amount: 1)
  • Bread (Heal Amount: 5)
  • Cake (Heal Amount: 14)
  • Carrot (Heal Amount: 3)
  • Cooked Chicken (Heal Amount: 6)
  • Cooked Cod (Heal Amount: 5)
  • Cooked Mutton (Heal Amount: 6)
  • Cooked Porkchop (Heal Amount: 8)
  • Cooked Rabbit (Heal Amount: 5)
  • Cooked Salmon (Heal Amount: 6)
  • Cookie (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Dried Kelp (Heal Amount: 1)
  • Enchanted Golden Apple (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Regeneration IV for 30 seconds‌, Absorption IV for 2 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes)
  • Golden Apple (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Regeneration II for 5 seconds, Absorption for 2 minutes)
  • Golden Carrot (Heal Amount: 6)
  • Melon Slice (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Poisonous Potato (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Poison for 4 seconds with a 60% chance)
  • Potato (Heal Amount: 1)
  • Pufferfish (Heal Amount: 1. Effects: Hunger III for 15 seconds, Nausea for 15 seconds, Poison II for 60 seconds)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Heal Amount: 8)
  • Raw Beef (Heal Amount: 3)
  • Raw Chicken (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Hunger for 30 seconds with a 30% chance)
  • Raw Cod (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Raw Mutton (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Raw Porkchop (Heal Amount: 3)
  • Raw Rabbit (Heal Amount: 3)
  • Raw Salmon (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Rotten Flesh (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Hunger for 30 seconds with a 80% chance)
  • Spider Eye (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Poison for 4 seconds)
  • Steak (Also called Cooked Beef. Heal Amount: 8)
  • Sweet Berries (Heal Amount: 2)
  • Tropical Fish (Heal Amount: 1)
  • Glow Berries (Heal Amount: 2)

You can also heal them in the same way if they are not strengthened.

They have an 8.5 percent chance of dropping their damaged weapons if they are slain by another player. When villagers or travelling traders who have been bolstered by players are slain, their damaged weapons are always dropped.

In Minecraft: Java Edition 1.15 and higher, you can now heal iron golems by giving them iron ingots. An iron ingot can restore their health by 25 points.

Things to Know

Due to some technical limitations, you need to know these:

  1. You can give villagers or wandering traders enchanted weapons, but all enchantments of the weapons will disappear. Therefore, don’t waste time and experience levels to enchant weapons in an attempt to make them have stronger effects.
  2. If a villager is infected by zombies then being cured, he will not stay strengthened. Therefore, you need to strengthen him again.
  3. You cannot give villagers or wandering traders armors to make them tougher. If you still want to give them armor to make them tougher, enable cheats and use /replaceitem command.
  4. If villagers or wandering traders strengthened by players are killed by players, they may have 8.5% chances to drop two identical weapons and cause the item duplicated.
  5. Due to issue MCPE-151830, i.e. bows, crossbows or tridents will not render in villagers’ hands, you cannot give them those weapons to strengthen them. In order not to confuse players because of this issue, I had to make this add-on have this restriction. This restriction will be lifted when this issue is fixed. You are welcome to vote and watch this issue.

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  1. Players in creative mode no longer need to sneak to give them weapons when strengthening villagers or wandering traders. However, players still need to sneak to give them weapons in survival mode or adventure mode.
  2. Since my recently reported issue MCPE-151830 has been confirmed by Mojang Studios and is not a duplicate of MCPE-150303, the article has been changed to state that MCPE-151830 causes bows, crossbows, tridents, etc. to not render in villagers’ hands.
Strengthened Villagers

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