Mushroom Gorge Racetrack!

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In the Mushroom Gorge Racetrack, race around a full scale replica of Mushroom Gorge from Mariokart Wii/7/8. You will e using a boat to pilot along a retextured ice track made to look like the original. The map can be played alone or with friends. This took ages for us to make so please do leave us a comment on how we can improve/update the map in the future.

Creator: Scurrminator808 (Youtube)

Mushroom Gorge Racetrack!

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As you spawn into the map, simply follow the instructions as displayed on the signs. These will tell you how to play the map and maximize the awesome racing experience you will have! The lobby area also contains a map of the whole track. The map and the custom textures were made entirely by me and Dizzylake. The track has been designed to be both practical and beautiful with many cool details such as textured walls for the background and arrows pointing you in the correct direction when racing. Race as many laps as you wish but a quick word of warning is Ice Boat Racing is much harder than it looks and will require some practice before getting up to speed.

Get Mushroom Gorge Racetrack here!

Mushroom Gorge Racetrack

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