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Every player always wants their minecraft world more better, including new trees and flowers, new decorations, new furnitures, new cars, new buildings… and especially new shaders for their world. And MrFishy Wonderful Shader may be what you need! 

Creator: MrFishyGotFacts

This shader features multiple new graphics techniques including mild global illumination which makes inside areas with light access more of a realistic feel instead of a shadow just being placed over it!


  • Global illumination
  • Block Based Shading
  • Lens Flare 
  • Well Coloured colormaps
  • Clouds with variations in thickness
  • Realistic shader
  • Waving leather


  • Added Onion Sun
  • Added Onion Flesh
  • Removed water texture for reworking
  • Fixed an issue with Global illumination not fully illuminating small rooms

DOWNLOAD MrFishy Wonderful Shader

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