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It’s good to see the Minecraft moon in the cycle from time to time in your world. But have you ever tried a Battle Royale on the moon with players and aliens?
Moon Wars Minigame [PvP] will bring to you a chance to experience it all!!!!

Cre: dynamic zed, Youtube, Instagram

Moon Wars Minigame

Come and play with your friends. Fight aliens and chase the safe zone in front of your eyes. That is an awesome race to the victory platform. Are you ready to become a first people winner and stand on the moon? Let download Moon War Minigame PvP and join the battle

This is the main lobby of this map. Here PvP is disabled, it’s only allowed in the map, thanks to the Teams Plugin by XG

There is a button in the center of the lobby, just click on it to activate the dropshoot

Then jump down the dropshoot, you will see the waiting room. To start the game, you need at least 3 players

The moon war minigame map was inspired by Keithross. Look the glass floor, that’s an awesome view on the moon, right?

The map look more well in dark with Night Vision Pack by LinusDev

Player fight scenes

The player are floating on the moon…

Fight with alient mobs, xenomorph addon by electrodigital

Fight aliens

Let experience low gravity on the moon, it’s easier to deal with critical hits

Minecraft Shaders

Safe zone

A safe zone shrink before your eyes. Stay there you will be safe, if you stand outside, the alien mobs will come and catch you

The zone walls look more nicer with connected glass by noahcdn

Become the last person stand on the moon, you are winner!


  • All rights and credits to the texture packs and addons used in this map go to their respective creators.
  • The creators of the addon/texture have allowed me to use it in this map
  • You can use this map in your videos etc
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this map through alternate download links of your own, with or without modification, or without crediting the original creators.


– Updated:
+ Moon war zip file
+ Moon war mcworld file
Moon Wars Minigame

If you want more maps, you can refer below:

Minecraft Shaders

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you are bad


[…] It’s nice to see the Minecraft moon cycle in your world now and then. But have you ever attempted a Battle Royale with gamers and aliens on the moon? Let’s go with Moon Wars Minigame PvP map!! […]

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