MapsBlazer Land Theme Park | Map for MCPE

Blazer Land Theme Park | Map for MCPE

Do you want to experience the best MCPE park? An amusement park with many rides, shops, attractions and best of all. believes that this has been the dream of many people, so why not add it right away? 

Cre: Blazer_Studios (Youtube, Instagram)

Blazer Land Theme Park 

Blazer Land Theme Park is divided into 5 separate areas such as Future City, The Jungle, Junior Land, Valley of Kings and Tropico Island. 

Rollercoasters are the best facilities in any park, there are 5 zones each with roller coasters for you to visit any nook and cranny. 

In addition, you will be delighted with the extremely beautiful biomes and it is always updated regularly. 

Magnificent hotel with more than 50 rooms including VIP rooms, and spectacular gardens surrounded by nature for guests to have a peaceful stay, go to Blazer Land’s Marvelous Village. 

Over 16 rides and attractions, from the log flume, to a shooting dark ride, a free fall tower, fun house,… all available at Blazer Land Theme Park. 


Blazer Land Theme Park



  • Magisto’s Firework Spectacular
  • Starlight Ice Rink
  • Anniversary Market
  • Rides in the dark

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