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Creepy Phenomenon adds entities from urban legends, creepy stories, or creepy cases from the web. If you are looking for that dark experience, of mystery, but above all of the pure restlessness (even better in survival)

The you’re in the right place!

Creator: CianoKakuna

Creepy Phenomenon

Each Creepy Phenomenon addons will be shown, in addition to its own features, will have its original short story and a short story in the world of Minecraft.


  • Health: 600
  • Summon the souls of its victims, the marionettes
  • Spawn inside an underground red room Creepy Phenomenon
  • Drop: the aheno sword, a very powerful weapon. If equipped, will give you wither effect, as it is possessed by the souls of ahenobarbus victims.
  • Command: /give @p cka:aheno_sword

Original Story:

Ahenobarbus Henocied is the story of a man who ran a facebook account by luring minors through cryptic and coordinated messages that led to links to red room sites.

The same people he contacted ended up being victims in his red rooms (currently, however, the veracity of these red rooms is still uncertain), tortured and killed in live streaming.

Minecraft World’s story:

He knows for having kidnapped and tortured hundreds of people in the past, especially in villages looted by pillagers. He would take his victims to his underground red room and produce snuff movies, plus he also has the ability to summon the souls of his victims.


  • Health: 50
  • Attack: 50
  • Spawn inside an underground red room

You can find the main victim eating human soup, and some corpses of skinless villagers. If killed, he will drop a lot of totem of undying.

Original Story of Creepy Phenomenon:

The origin of this creature derives from some videos on youtube uploaded between 2005 and 2006, where initially think the origin of the video, thinking that it was a man kidnapped and forced to eat human soup.

However, after some research by users, it discovers that on Dailymotion there was a channel with the two characters in the video “torture soup avi” which was called “ray ray tv”

In this channel we discovered quite harmless and far away videos, besides we discover the real name of the two subjects, “ray-ray”, the same videos were directed by Raymond Persi, who through these characters I try to create a mirror where each of us see the feelings he is experiencing at that moment.

Minecraft world’s story

The identity of disguised subjects is not known, but it is known that they run a large black market of human flesh, always in an underground red room, sometimes before killing their victims they make them try recipes with human flesh, such as a soup, or something else.

It is unknown who is in charge of this trafficking and this group, but it is through that there is a wealthy billionaire behind who made a fortune from the illegal trade.

Creepy Phenomenon – MR NOSEYBONK

  • Health: 800
  • Attack: 15
  • Effect: Regeneration
  • Rarely spawn in taiga, but you can find some villagers and animals with his mask controlled by him
  • Drop: mask and a mysterious box.
  • To wear the mask, you have to hold on the screen for a few seconds
  • This is bonk mask 1 instead, which will summon cow bonks, both will face off against hostile mobs
  • To evoke more, just put on and take off the mask several times
  • Obviously you don’t have to wear both masks together, before putting on another one, remove the one you already have. (Many mobs manipulated by Noseybonk they walk without moving any muscles and limbs, except for a few.

Avoid wearing or removing your mask in front of an enemy or one of these creatures, do it in an isolated area, since it could cause problems… After you can quietly show you

You can obtain these mask by the command “/function two_mask

You can open the mysterious box, the “nomad petrol” by hitting it but a demonic head will come out and deform and if it attacks you it will give you the effect of nausa.

Original Story:

Mr.Noseybonk was a character from an English children’s television program “Jigsaw” in 1979.

The actor playing the character showed signs of metal instability, sometime twisting and changing the entire script.

Not surprisingly, the producers of the program realized that the actor was no longer able to distinguish fiction from reality, entering into an ambiguous harmony with his character, for this reason, the executives forced him to leave otherwise they would take legal action, as his condition was worsening.

In 2008, however, it reappears on youtube with some very disturbing videos.

However, much was discovered at some point that in fact the mentally unstable actor never existed, and that in fact “Mr Noseybonk” was played by the same creator of the series, Adrian Hedley.

Instead, the 2008 youtube videos featuring Mr. Noseybonk were made by British comedian Stuart Ashen, who reviewed games, consoles and food on youtube.

Minecraft World’s story:

It can be seen very rarely in the taiga forests, it has managed to capture and control the minds of some villagers forced to live in small houses scattered around the taiga, and even some animals such as cows or pigs.

As if he were in effect the guardian of the creatures he enslaved, in his possessed territory.

In addition to controlling and enslaving his victims, he managed to create copies of his victims and duplicate them by summoning them from his mask.


  • Health: 500
  • Will not physically attack the player, but if you get close, it slowly pushes you to suicide, even causing shadow hallucinations.

Original Story:

The origin of this Creepy Phenomenon is from a viral phenomenon that exploded in July where there was talk of an account that contacted people and prompted them to commit suicide (a bit like the blue whale challenge game)

However, the true origin of this character, or rather the mask, comes from comic videos made on youtube around 2010


  • Health: 20
  • Attack: 12, it will give you slowness effect
  • It will be very fast, it will teleport and have ability to duplicate itself
  • Rare to find and it spawns in the hills


  • Health: 170

In addition to lava, if it comes into contact with water, it will die very quickly

Original Story:

In 2012, Little Baby Ice Cream is an creepy phenomenon ice cream company in the city of Philadelphia created a commercial with a person covered in ice cream, and uses a spoon to consume ice cream from his own head.

Minecraft World’s Story:

He escaped from the studio where he was shooting for an ice cream commercial, slowly becoming more than a human being a floating being on his cone, moving away from his human nature.


  • Health: 80
  • Attack: 12. It’s a warped crash
  • Huge in size and is inspired by a low quality crash action figure.


It is a big puppet made poorly depicting a bear, that if you give it bones, it comes to life and will protect you from other hostile creatures ( it will not be properly tamed, and it will not follow you if you don’t use a leash)

Ickbarr Phase 1

  • Health: 100
  • Attack: 12
  • Will give to enemies blindness effect
  • It has 4 stage and to reach the final stage, you have to keep feeding with bones, and in addition to becoming more and more a true hungry bear, it will increase its attack and its health

Ickbarr Phase 2

Phase 3 Ickbarr

Original Story:

The creepypasta tells of a child who was given a poorly made bear puppet, where at a certain point it begins to come to life and asks the child to feed it with teeth and in return protects it from nightmares, and slowly it becomes more and more plus a living creature.

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