The Aesthetic Fantasy Shader

The Aesthetic Fantasy resource collection adds attractive colors to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world, as well as shaders and textures (32x and 16x resolutions). It would be ideal for a variety of situations, including survival, construction, and PvP. Check out the features below and download it right away!

Cre: YamaRin Skylec (Youtube, Twitter)

The Aesthetic Fantasy Shader Feature

Showcase Video on YouTube:

Minecraft Shaders

Realistic ocean waves with sun/moon reflections

Clouds, the sun with lens flare, and the moon with moon phase rendered with shaders.

Minecraft Shaders

Underwater caustic is stunning.

Reflections of the sun and moon on ores and ore blocks

Texture Feauture:

  • Block textures with a 32x resolution (but not all yet.)
  • PvP swords and armours with 16x resolution textures (shorter than vanilla).

Platforms that are supported include:

  • Android
  • iPad OS (iOS)
  • Windows 10, 11, and 12 (Note: All shaders in 1.16.200 and subsequent game versions do not work since the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine introduced in those versions, is not supported (Windows 11 is also experimental, but I’m confident it will work).)

Some shaders maybe help you make Minecraft word more beautiful: 

Changing the Settings:

  • To make up for that, the shader pack includes a configuration file that users can edit directly to change its behavior.
  • Place the.mcpack file in a convenient location. It’s merely a compressed file.
  • Use your favorite editor to open the config file (the directory it’s in varies on your platform).

Windows 10 is a new operating system from Microsoft.

config.fxh > shaders > hlsl

Android, iOS, and iPad OS are three different operating systems.

config.h > shaders > glsl

  • To change the configuration, edit the file.
  • Install it after archiving it once more.
  • You may disable the undersea caustic, for example, by modifying the following line:


In response to this:


Author’s Contact Information:

  • MCH YamaRin may be found on Twitter at YamaRin.
  • YamaRin#8139 on Discord

Server on Discord:

  • Invite to Discord
  • Join my Discord to stay up to date on the latest news and have fun chatting with your friends!


  • Universal Creative Commons Zero v1.0

Thank you for supporting, you can download more addons, texture packs, skin packs in Mcpe Addons’s site


Download The Aesthetic Fantasy shader (Support Creator)

Download The Aesthetic Fantasy shader (Drive)

Minecraft Shaders

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Average Minecraft Enjoyer
Average Minecraft Enjoyer
2 years ago

I tried this shader and it’s very beautiful, it’s just that the mobs are all invisible, maybe you could try to fix that 😀

2 years ago

No they aren’t for me lol

cute frog
2 years ago

i love this mod

1 year ago

No se como descargarlo :>

jah .
jah .
1 year ago

this doesnt work for me on computer {education edition} does anybody know what to do 💀??

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