Marine Addon for Minecraft Pe

The first functional boat addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition includes a sailboat, a jet ski, and a speed boat. Each one exists 3 different colors. It seems different controlling mechanisms but basically the core function is the same. The marine addon is currently still quite limited, so its system is generally not perfect

Cre: Andrew99 (Twitter), raedteam99 (Twitter), AbduSallouh (Twitter)

Marine Addon

How to ride the boat?

Let explore the sea by using a speed boat, a sailboat, or an awesome jet ski to get a great adventure. You can ride any of the new watercraft in Marine addon. It’s really easy and more convenient than a normal boat

To ride the boat:

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the vehicle, press ride, and then hold Paddles (carrot)/Key (carrot on a stick) in your hand to start rowing/driving.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the vehicle and then hold Paddles (carrot)/Key (carrot on a stick) in your main hand to start rowing/driving.

Sailboat (Paddles), Speed Boat (Key), Jet Ski (Key)

Vehicles in Marine Addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Vindicator has been replaced by Sailboat. It can be ride by using Paddles

Speed Boat

Ghast has been replaced by Speed Boat. It can be ride by using Key

  • Press the Boost button to increase the speed
  • Some water bubbles appearing behind the vehicle

Jet Ski

Creeper has been replaced by Jet Ski. It can be ride by using Key

Positioning the vehicle is quite difficult.

  • You need a chain (it replaces Lead)
  • Pull the boat down or up to position it correctly in the water
  • Unleash it when you’re done and take a seat to start driving


Sound effects
– The jet ski doesn’t have sound effects due to limitations for the creeper which it replaces


Choose one of the packs below:

  1. Red Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Blue Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  3. Yellow Resource & Behavior .McAddon

You can get .ZIP file here: Marine Addon

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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