3D Lightsaber Addon for Minecraft Pe

Some of the blocks have been replaced by Four new lightsabers in the Minecraft game. 3D Lightsaber Addon is a sword like weapon in Star Wars. It has different colors, strengths, and effects for the one wielding them.

Cre: TheEnderface, Twitter

3D Lightsaber Addon

This addon includes 4 colors:  red, yellow, blue and green.

How does it work?

Lightsabers replace by Skull and Head Blocks. In survival mode, you need to loot Lightsabers from a mob (extremely rare) or obtaining one via creative inventory


Each sword has different attack damage and speed boost

  • Green Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.1
    • Attack Damage: 6
  • Yellow Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.2
    • Attack Damage: 8
  • Blue Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.3
    • Attack Damage: 10
  • Red Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.4
    • Attack Damage: 12


Behavior .McPack

Resource .McPack

Download .ZIP

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