Kiyoshi’s Artifacts Addon

Kiyoshi’s Artifacts addon offers a variety of artifacts that players can use. All artifacts can be utilized indefinitely, however they all have various cooldowns. Long-press or right-click an item while holding it in your hand to use it. When holding a certain artifact, the cooldown, as well as the rarity and level of the artifact, are all given.

Note that if your friends or pets are in the vicinity of the relics, they may be harmed. Activate the Holiday Creator Options

Cre:Kiyoshi Jack (Youtube) 

Kiyoshi’s Artifacts Addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


How do you get it?


Crates can be opened to obtain any artifact (based on its rarity)

The majority of artifacts can be obtained in treasure chests and loots from various structures all across your realm.

Some can be gotten through bartering and trading, while others can be crafted. A few can be obtained by performing tasks such as fishing, while some are mob loots.


In your creative inventory, all artifacts are in the equipments category.

Or just simply type 

/give @s kna:<the artifact you want> 

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Example: /give @s kna:eternal_steak


Bonus Chest Feature

– to activate, turn on “bonus chest” before creating a world and it will contain a suspicious paper

Suspicious Paper – gives every player currently on the game 2 Common Crates, 1 Uncommon Crate, 1 Sock of Candies, and a Starter Chest 

Sock of Candies – gives you a random candy

Starter Chest – just gives you some stuff 

Rarity Feature

– all artifacts are now grouped based on rarity

  • Common – green 
  • Uncommon – gray
  • Rare – blue
  • Epic – gold
  • Legendary – mist  
  • Mythic- red and yellow
  • Rarity Crates

Some addons Minecraft PE are similar to you can check in


-These are items that reward you with artifacts based on their rarity. Common Crate, for example, will provide you a random artifact with a common rarity.

The Hungry Boy will trade you some.

Eternal Steak satisfies a couple of your hunger pangs and contains at least 8 nutrients. (12 seconds of cooling off)

Healing Potion – restores 8 of your hitpoints, which is equivalent to 4 hearts ( 16 seconds cooldown )

Clay Bricks – provides you with ten bricks ( 25 seconds cooldown )

XP Tome – provides you with eight levels of experience ( 125 seconds cooldown )

The Golem Kit summons an iron golem to assist you ( 100 seconds cooldown )

Ghast Ball – ejects a fiery projectile ( 20 seconds cooldown )

Leap Boots – “not a literal boots” provides you a few seconds of jump boost III ( 25 seconds cooldown )

For a short seconds, Speed Boots – “although not a literal boots” – grants speed III ( 25 seconds cooldown )

For a few seconds, the Haste Spell grants haste ( 30 seconds cooldown )

tnt dynamite – summons a ready-to-explode tnt ( 30 seconds cooldown )

Concussion Shell – for 10 seconds, all mobs in your radius are stunned ( 32 seconds cooldown )

Ender Wand – an ender pearl is thrown ( 18 seconds cooldown )

Hurting mobs heals you with Lifesteal Feather ( no cooldown )

Blast Crystal – spawns end crystals on nearby monsters and provides resistance to them ( 60 seconds cooldown )

Midnight Berries provide night vision, speed, and invisibility for 30 seconds, making them ideal for eluding capture ( 80 seconds cooldown )

Drowned Shards – fires a trident, allowing you to breathe underwater and see in the dark ( 65 seconds cooldown )

Quiver – rains arrows on nearby mobs ( 30 seconds cooldown )

Blinding Sac – blinds all entities in your vicinity for a brief period of time ( 40 seconds cooldown )

Dragon Ring – fires a dragon fireball while providing resistance and strength ( 125 seconds cooldown )

Lightning Rod – conjures lightning to strike all nearby mobs ( 24 seconds cooldown )

Solar Glass – ignites the block on which you’re standing.

For a short time, Golden Soup provides you an extra 8 hearts ( 40 seconds cooldown )

All mobs around you are levitated by the Shulker Stone ( 27 seconds cooldown )

Snow Figure – calls three snowmen to your aid ( 35 seconds cooldown )

Chorus Amulet – teleports all creatures in a 20 block radius at random ( 45 seconds cooldown )

Wither Star – fires a wither skull, inflicting wither damage ( 40 seconds cooldown )

Magnets Items Near You – Filling Bundle ( 20 seconds cooldown )

Water Sprayer – squirts water from a bottle to put out a fire ( 10 seconds cooldown )

Bushy Camou – covers a 55-square-foot space with tall grass, making you invisible ( 50 seconds cooldown )

Feather Fall is a leisurely falling effect that lasts a few seconds ( 28 seconds cooldown )

For a few seconds, the Gravity Template provides levitation ( 28 seconds cooldown )

Totem of the Coral Totem – summons a powerful underwater army of axolotls to defend you against sea monsters ( 130 seconds cooldown )

Sets all nearby mobs to ice and freezes them with the Winter Disc ( 75 seconds cooldown )

To work, you’ll need both the “TnT Book” and the “remote.”

First, use the “TnT Book” to mark the location where you want it to blast, then simply push the “Remote” and boom!! (Cooldown of 300 seconds)

Note: Most cooldowns are changed 

Whats New-  0.3.12

Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon
Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon


You are free to use Kiyoshi’s Artifacts Addon in any way you see fit. My addon can be used as a learning tool. If you wish to use/copy a feature from it in your addons, please give me credit.

If you have any artifact suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know right away so I can correct them for future releases.


Bug Fixes:

  • Artifacts missing
  • Sussy Paper not generating on Bonus Chests
  • Tier Crates missing
  • Hungry Boy not trading anything

The “ADDITIONAL FILES” fixes a few errors; use it in conjunction with the Addon BP and RP, but make sure it’s on top of everything else.

Kiyoshi's Artifacts addon

Download Kiyoshi’s Artifacts Addon (RP) OR File Drive

Download Kiyoshi’s Artifacts Addon (BP) OR File Drive

Additional Files

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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2 years ago

u lier this thing doesn even work i put on onus chest and every time i open the chest there is nothing there is no artifacts and the only new thing is the new mobs

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