Arcade Craft (V1.2 Big Update)

Ever wanted to build your own Arcade in Minecraft? Arcade Craft will give you the chance to build your own Arcade without changing any of the gameplay or features in Minecraft. You can meet up with friends and play some cool games.

Creator: Four Worlds Studios (Youtube)


Owning your very own Arcade has never been easier and better. Grow your Arcade and craft bigger and better machines. Earn more and more money to buy the things you want.

Future updates will come frequently with more and more features

Getting started is easy, just play Minecraft as you normally would, and when you have enough resources you can go and find the Retired Arcade Engineer in a Village (The Nitwit)

He will trade you all the Microchips you will need to craft your Arcade Machines.

Change and Exchange Machines

The Change Machine will convert all your Iron, Gold, and Diamonds into Arcade Coins for you

When you want to cash out you can convert all your winnings back into Iron, Gold, or Diamonds with the Exchange Machine

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

The Machines

All the Machines will need an Activation Key so you can take ownership of them.

Arcade Craft

When you own a Machine you can check the Coin Box to see how much your machine has earned you

Only the Owner can see inside the Coin Box

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine is a Slot Machine. You can win up to 50 Arcade Coins in the one spin

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

Creeper Chaos

Creeper Chaos is a Slot Machine. you can win up to 50 Arcade Coins in one spin

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

Among Us

Among Us is Crane Machine, you can win an Among Us Plush to place in your Houses.

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

Nether Quest

Nether Quest is Crane Machine, you can win a Netherite Tool and Ingots

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a Coin Pusher Machine, You can win Arcade Coins and Gold Nuggets

Arcade Craft
Arcade Craft

If you like Arcade Craft here is more add-ons for you in

Godzilla Greatest Enemies Addon

Ores Plus Addon v2.2.0 [New Update]

Miniblocks Addon for Minecraft [250+]

Air FX

Air FX is an Air Hockey Table, 2 people can play this game just like in real life

arcade craft
arcade craft


Decorations will add a little spark to your arcade

arcade craft

All furniture items can be made on the Furniture Bench

arcade craft
arcade craft
arcade craft

The Prizes

Prizes can be won from different types of Machines

The Among Us Plush

arcade craft

The Among Us Plush can be won from the Among Us Crane Machine. Available in 8 colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, Black, and White

More features and gameplay will be added in future updates


V1.2 Update Log

  • The Niwits inventory now contains
    • Nether Quest Microchip
    • Gold Rush Microchip
    • Air FX Microchip
    • Change Machine Microchip
    • Exchange Machine Microchip
    • Television Microchip
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Minecraft Furniture Mod

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