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Do you think Ants can be tamable, ridable, and adorable in this addon? Hmm, yes for sure, all your thoughts on this addon will be our command !!

Cre: mno (TwitterYoutube)

ANTS Addon

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It can be found mainly in deserts, some in plains and savanna. You can't tame the small ants, but they can certainly kill you!

Tiny ants

They look very small, weaker but faster and their sting is nasty

Red and brown ants

They are neutral, they don't attack unless you attack them first.

The tameable ants

They are larger and have a green marking on their back. With this ant, you can ride them. Sit on them until they love you and add a saddle.You can also add diamond horse armor (ants don’t like the other ones).

General Information ANTS Addon

  • All ants love to eat wasps
  • All ants can sting
  • Ants won’t attack ants.
  • This list is getting big (this point is optional)
  • They fast but never as fast as fastest horses, or jump
  • Heal them with sugar, apples, melons, glistening melons.
  • Sit them by sneaking when you right-click on them / tap the ‘sit’ button.
  • They can fit through a 1×1 gap. You should see these babies tackle jungles and dense forests.

How to add diamond armor?

  • Makes them look super cool
  • Removes all fall damage
  • Removes most (all, maybe) melee damage (skeletons, withers, witches, blazes, etc are still a very real threat)

Note from creator

To the merry YouTubers out there, if you do a review/showcase ANTS Addon, thank you!
Please link back on mcpedl. Cheers!


– Improved sit animation
– Added some colorful (rare) variants including one dyeable variant
– Confirmed working with 1.16


ANTS Addon

Ant.v6.mcaddon (mediafire)

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