Kancolle Addon: WW2 Ship Girls, Aircraft & Tanks

Kancolle Addon adds many new mobs to the game. Also military vehicles for players. Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection, Kancolle) is a Japanese web browser game. It’s a story about “Kanmusu” (Ship Girls) fighting against the Abyssal Fleet. 

Cre: ivon852, Twitter

Kancolle Addon – Kanmusu

Ship girl will fight against Abyssals. They all have voice lines, taken from the game. 

Minecraft Gun Mod

Admiral Cap

Hold this cap in your hand, all the ship girl will follow you. 

Submarine I-168 

  • Health: 15
  • Japanese Submarine “I-168”
  • Act like a real submarine. Once finding a target, she fires torpedoes and runs away quickly!
  • She only attacks enemies in water
  • When players swim with her, you will get conduit power.

Heavy Cruiser Zara Due

Minecraft Gun Mod

  • Health: 68
  • Italian heavy cruiser “Zara”
  • Equipped with 4x 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount

Aircraft Carrier Hiryu

  • Health: 67
  • Japanese aircraft carrier “Hiryu”
  • She will stay away from the abyssals. When she finds a target, she will summon a Type 99 Dive bomber to attack enemies. The aircraft will live for 60 seconds and then disappear. 

Battleship Bismarck Zwei

  • Health: 95
  • German battleship “Bismarck”
  • Quipped with 4x38cm Twin Gun Mount Kai


Kancolle Addon

Kancolle Addon (OnlyVehicles).mcaddon

Destroyer Shimakaze 

  • Health: 36
  • Japanese destroyer “Shimakaze” 
  • Equipped with 3x 12.7cm dual gun
  • She will shoot 5×61 oxygen torpedo

Boku Kawauso (I am otter) 

  • Boku is a mystery creature originally drawn by voice actor Uchida Shou. Later  it became one of the mascots of the game. 
  • Health: 99
  • He only walks around and kills monsters. He will not help you.

Kancolle Addon – ABYSSAL

Once they are defeated you will get lots of experience or their weapon. 

Abyssal Destroyers: I/Ro/Ha/Ni/Na Class

  • Health: 20/22/24/28/60
  • The five kinds of destroyers will spawn in the river and ocean (Game Difficulty = Hard). They will float up from the bottom of the sea! They only shoot fireballs and are easy to kill.

 Abyssal Aircraft Carrier Demon

  • Health: 350
  • She will not attack you unless you hurt her.
  • When she is being attacked, she will turn hostile and summon Abyssal F6Fs to attack you.
  • When health
  • Tamed: diamonds. She will follow you and kill mobs

Abyssal Aviation Battleship Northern Princess

  • Health: 390
  • She will stay at the same place and spawn Abyssal Cat Fighters (F6F). If the armament gets defeated, she will kill you with bare hands.  
  • Abyssal Cat Fighter

Battleship Abyssal Pacific Princess

  • Health: 900
  • Equipped with 4x16inch Mk.VII Twin Gun Kai
  • She is very dangerous. You will need many ship girls to fight against her, or they will be killed easily. 
  • Next texture for the whale
  • I included her battle BGM in the pack. If you like to listen it please use the command: /playsound pacific_princess.battle_bgm @p ~~~ 1 1 1
  • Once she is defeated you will get her weapon. Long click to shoot bullets.
  • Newitem:pp_weapon
Kancolle Addon

Kancolle Addon (OnlyVehicles).mcaddon


28cm/32cm Nebelwerfer 41

It was a German multiple rocket launcher used in the Second World War. It served with units of the so-called Nebeltruppen (Chemical Crops)

  • First, you have to craft 32cm rocket
  • Second, put them on the carriage (Tap shadow)
  • Use flint and steel to fire


  • Use command: /function hasaki to get all items

Standard belt bullet: Use this to fire machine guns of aircraft and tanks. 

Standard bomb: Use this to drop bombs (F4U – 1D, Type99 Bombẻ, G4M2e, etc…) 

You can repair tanks with iron blocks. 

Churchill Crocodile

Based on the infantry tank Churchill Mk.VII. It was produced from October 1943, in time for the Normandy invasion. 

Cannon shell: M46 HE, long click to fire. 

Use FlameThrower to shoot the flame

M4A1 Sherman Duplex Drive

An amphibious tank! Duplex Drive tanks worked by erecting a “flotation screen” ảound the tank, which enabled it to float, and had two propellers powered by the tank’s engine to drive them in the water. 

In water

Cannon shell: 75cm AP, long click to fire.

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire the machine gun. 

T-34/85 Medium Tank

An improved version of the T-34. It’s turret ring was enlarged from 1,436mm(56 in) to 1,600mm (63 in), allowing a larger turret to be fitted and thus the larger 85 mm gun. (buy modafinil uk)  

Cannon shell: ZiS-S-53 AP, long click to fire. 

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire 7.62mm DP machine gun. 


Generally, look up to fly, look down to dive. 

You can repair aircraft with leather

Mitsubishi Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber (G4M2e) 

A two-engine medium bomber, operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

It has 7 seats, villagers can get on the aircraft.

There are three kinds of armaments available. Use a wrench to remove installed armament.

1.MXY-7 Ohka. It was a rocket-powered suicide flying bomb. Don’t worry, nobody is on the aircraft! When installed, long click to fire the bomb. 

2. 60 kg Bomb Load, long click to drop bombs. 

3. Type 91 Torpedo, long click to shoot torpedo. Remember: Torpedoes only move when it is in/on water. 


A German rocket-powered Interceptor. 

Equipped with 2x 30mm MK108 cannon. Though it is powerful, it lacks accuracy.

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire. 

Kancolle Addon

Kancolle Addon (OnlyVehicles).mcaddon

F4U-1D Corsair

A US Navy Fighter Aircraft

Equipped with 6x 12.7mm Browning machine guns. 

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire the machine gun. 

Click HVAR to shoot HVAR

Long cick Standard bomb to drop bomb.

Type 3 Fighter Ki-61 Hien hei (244 Sentai)

A fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service. 

Equipped with 2x MG 151/20 mm cannons + 2x Ho-103 12.7mm

Click Standard Bullet belt to fire the machine gun.

The gears will retract after taking off

Type 99 Dive Bomber (Val)

A carrier-borne dive bomber used by Imperial Japanese Navy

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire machine gun

Long click Standard bomb to drop bomb


  • Ship girl and abyssal will stop fighting each other randomly
  • G4M2e sometimes buggy

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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