3D Combat Addon for Minecraft [Beta]

The goal of 3D Combat Addon is to provide a better combat experience to Minecraft players. By adding animations, new weapons and special things are mechanics to weapons, each type of weapon has its own use.

Cre: pixeleddoki, Youtube, Twitter

3D Combat Addon beta


  • This addon in the early beta stage, so it still not finished developing. Besides the character creator skins don’t work but imported or owned characters do. An exhaust and cool down system
  • When you come to the sidebar you will see the exhaust. To the middle of your Hotbar, you will see the cooldown timer
  • If exhaust reaches lower than 10, you will be given weakness and slowness

Weapon 3D Combat Addon Type


These swords have heavy damage weapon and available in the normal weapon materials

  • They can be dual-wielded
  • Has a dash/sprint attack


  • Low damage but enough to kill an animal
  • Has a dash/sprint attack
  • Now throwable


The heavy damage weapon and they available in the normal weapon materials


It is a straight blade with one curved edge, the damage more than the normal one

There are two variants of weapons: the wakizashi and the uchi. You can equip Uchi on offhand, wakizashi on main to get an effect like this


It more damage to the normal blades because of its curvature. You can use Sabers to parry enemy attacks


  • That is a normal weapon with normal damage
  • It has a special assassinate mechanic that lets you one-shot or highly damage something when sneaking whilst invisible
  • You can be held in the off-hand for a bonus dagger damage

Bec de corbin

It available in Iron, has two modes(craft to switch) and it also has a sprint attack

Maces – 3D Combat Addon

  • Fair damage
  • Stuns enemies(gives them slowness upon hit)
  • Lower damage on horseback


  • Can use dual wielded
  • Balanced damage weapon with a lunge attack
  • Equipping halberd will make your offhand unusable and if you have a shield it will give it back(only shield work for now)


Keep it on one-handed. The fairly balanced weapon with jump damage boost and sprint damage boost
It works in progress sword animation


3D Combat Addon beta:
– Added:
+ Cooldown to all weapons
+ An exhaust system
+ Wakizashi katana
+ Dual wielding for longswords(temporary)
+ cosmetic dual wield for katana 
– Changed katana models and textures
– Fixed dodge system now sprinting and jumping makes you dodge
– Balanced some attacks 


3D Combat Addon download with attachable
Zip download with attachable
Zip download with no attachable

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