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Pull the things further than that what you can currently reach with the Item Magnet Addon, and conveniently mine with the Magnetic Hat!

Combine both for use with greater power that can be used in most situations.

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Creator: r4isen1920


Item Magnet

  • Controls the magnetic field around it on a certain range, affecting only items
  • When held by hand, it draws its ability to affect and help its holder

Shiny Magnetic Hat

  • Designed for mining. 
  • Draw the Item Magnet’s effects without the needs of holding directly
  • Convenient and easy to use


Normal Mode

  • Holding Magnet in your hand, and the items towards you.
  • Only pull 1 item/time, speed: 0.2 blocks/second, radius: 14 blocks
  • Sneak while holding the item Magnet to change between: Normal Mode – Item Repulsor Mode

Item Repulsor Mode

  • Repulses or pushes items away from you
  • Repulse 1 item/time, speed: 0.3 blocks/second, max radius: 14 blocks
  • Sneak while holding the item Magnet to change between: Normal Mode – Item Repulsor Mode

Magnetic Hat

  • Can pull items 
  • With more expensive 5 Gold Ingots, no longer need to hold Item Magnet with your hand
  • Pull 1item/time. Speed: 0.2 blocks/second. Max radius: 14 blocks
  • Can’t use the Item Repulsor Mode in Magnetic Hat

Enhanced Mode

  • Double power
  • Hold Item Magnet and equip the Magnetic Hat to enable Enhanced Mode
  • Pull 4 different items/time, speed: 0.4 blocks/second, max radius: 26 blocks
  • Enhanced mode just pulls not repulsed items. Can’t change modes by sneaking as well.

DOWNLOAD Item Magnet Addon:

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