Infested Parasites BETA (by William afton)

Infested Parasites addon modifies the game’s survival mechanics by introducing new enemies, items, and buildings that are modeled like Scape And Run Parasites. The parasites added by this addon can infect other mobs. This add-on can have disturbing material for some users.

Creator: Willian afton (youtube)

Infested Parasites

Infested Parasites
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Larva parasite:

  • 5 life
  • 3 damage

Typically, this parasite shows up in your world and can become a parasite that crawls or flies.

The crawler:

  • 15 life
  • 6 damage
Infested Parasites

The parasite is a tiny bit more powerful than the larva, and

lay parasite eggs and may eventually develop into a stinger.

Flying parasite

  • 7 life
  • shoots acid that gives 6 of damage
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Infested Parasites


Despite its weakness, this parasite shoots acid that is poisonous. and it does a great deal of harm.

Stinger parasite:

  • 25 life
  • 8 damage
  • shoots acid that gives 6 of damage
Infested Parasites

This parasite shoots acid, lays eggs more quickly, and is the currently the most powerful add-on

Infected mobs:

Infected human:

  • 30 life
  • 9 damage
Infested Parasites

When a zombie or husk is infected, this parasite is summoned.

He can smash through doors, is powerful, and emits strange noises.

Infected cow:

  • 25 life
  • 8 damage
Infested Parasites

This parasite is quite simple, it can break some blocks.

Infected pig:

  • 20 life
  • 5 damage
Infested Parasites

Being merely the cow, this mob is pretty straightforward. contamination of a pig

Infected sheep:

  • 25 life
  • 8 damage
Infested Parasites

Similar to the pig and cow, this parasite only infects sheep.

Infected creeper:

20 of life

Infested Parasites

This parasite, which resembles a creeper, only affects particular when it detonates


Power Of Poisoning:

Infested Parasites
Infested Parasites

This item releases acid, dealing 8 damage. is available in the laboratory


infected sumoner:

Infested Parasites

A Stinger is triggered by this block every 60 to 80 seconds.



Infested Parasites

Crawler spawners are present in this structure below the surface.

“Power Of Poisoning” is another item that you can find.

infested tower:

Infested Parasites

This structure can be found on the surface by having an Infested Sumoner on its top.

Some addons Minecraft Pe you can check in Mcpe addons:

  • fix bugs to spawning parasites
  • add infected creeper new animations
  • fix link


This addon needs the active experimental

Infested Parasites

Download Infested Parasites (Behavior)

Download Infested Parasites (Resource)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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dude youre cappin william afton didnt make this

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