Ice Caves Addon for MCPE

Other types of caves and cliffs have been updated in version 1.17 for a long time, on demand the Ice Caves Addon has also been updated to bring you new and detailed things with to discover.

Cre: HonKit26113 (Youtube, Twitter)

Ice Caves Addon Feature

Frozen Plains

Frozen Plains is where you can find newly updated ice caves, this biome includes snow blocks and packed ice, and occasional blue ice patches underground.

Ice Caves

The ice cave is similar to the existing Vanilla caves, it has openings in the surface, each ice cave is usually a different size.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Ice Shards, Ice Stalagmites & Ice Stalactites

Ice Shards and Ice Stalagmites are born naturally from the cave.

Ice Caves Addon

With Version 1.0, Ice Stalactites do not generate in Ice Caves you can craft it from 1 Ice Stalagmite item, and you can also craft Ice Stalagmites from Ice Stalactites. 

Some Addons make your Minecraft becomes unique:

Frozen Iron Ore

Frozen Iron Ore generates in veins up to 8 blocks, besides, it also takes longer to mine than normal iron ore

Ice Caves Addon


To activate this addon you need to enable:

Holiday Creator Features, Creation of Custom Biomes and it is only compatible with beta versions and above

It’s quite hard to find Frozen Plains if you can’t find it you can activate it quickly by going to seed 10 and teleport yourself to coordinates (-2600, 64, -2400)

Downloads Ice Caves Addon

Ice Caves Addon

Or here

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