Ice Boat Raceway Crazy Edition

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Make racing with your friends more interesting and exciting with Ice Boat Raceway. This map also add new shortcuts and PowerUps to make the races more enjoyable.

Creator: Scurrminator808

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The Track itself nearly the same as in the previous version of the map except, the 4 new shortcuts I added and the powerup rings! (As seen above!) These powerup rings will activate a powerup that can affect the track itself or other racers! If you have never played the original map, I would recommend trying that first and then trying out this version!

NOTE: This map is NOT designed for a single player but for multiple people to play at once. If you are playing alone, I would recommend you play the original map!


Shortcuts: 4

  • A hyper-speed cut
  • A piston pushes up blocks up
  • 2other simple shortcuts that you will soon discover!

Power Ups: 6. These powerups can be activated by driving through the small white rings or driving through the pitlane!

  • Making everyone’s beats fly away
  • Making a random player levitate in the air
  • Removing the ground in 3 separate locations
  • Spawning 4 creepers throughout the track
  • Making everyone’s boat disappear
  • Red spots on a section of the track that will slow any racers down

Arrows: Add lots of arrows to the track to help point racers in the right direction!


  • Added more detail to the page to help explain the map more clearly


Ice Boat Raceway

If you play more game in Minecraft, you can download maps below, and enjoy it:

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