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Vanilla RTX Normals for MCPE

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Pig Race (Map)

Vanilla RTX Normals aka Truly Vanilla RTX Normals (TVRTN) is actually a map based on PBR Support and Vanilla RTX Resource pack / Texture

Also, you can experience the subpack for Height Maps for a more bumpy-pixelated look (similar to Nvidia’s Crystal Palace) you will discover when installing the addon. 

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Cre: CubeIR (Youtube)

Vanilla RTX is a 16x vanilla PBR resource pack for Minecraft with Ray tracing, you can see some screenshots below all block’s reflectiveness/roughness have had special care 

In addition to increasing the fun for players, the map also allows players to customize some parts of truly vanilla RTX. 

Caves & Cliffs blocks

Image by markom58


Glowing Glazed terracotta is also a side pack in the main pack, and it is only to preserve consistency & optional). 

Some Extra building blocks need to be activated from the mode element blocks section because if you just use the general package it won’t appear.

Some features are just optional to add a nice look to the player, you don’t have to activate them all. 


Glowing Ores patch

Clear Water patch


Clear Glass

Heightmaps Subpack

In this new update, we have added A subpackage, for Vanilla Heightmaps to use you can switch using the gear icon on the pack. 

This subpack uses heightmaps instead of regular 16x normal maps, which are later converted into 128x Normal maps by the game to simulate depth on textures.


You are free to republish this, but you must respect the Original link/Source and you can make videos for any purpose.

If you want to modify anything read more info in the txt file of the pack file. 

Downloads Vanilla RTX Normals

There are many more textures that you may like on Mcpeaddons.com, see more below

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8 months ago

there where tridents render as purple and black when enchanted and rtx is on

3 months ago

how to download modpack

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