Enlight Shader for MCPE

Do you want to level up your Minecraft with Enlight shader from the creator of Haptic Shader? Global Customization will allow you to gain complete control over the shader. If you download Enlight console app, you can recreate the vision that you love or download pre-existing color from top developers

Cre: BlueLight Creatives Studio, Twitter, Discord

Enlight Shader

Let watch some captures below of this shader with Mcpeaddons.com

This shader’s marketplace contains pre-existing contents from our community, active both top-leading operating systems in the market, Android & iOS.

The light of cave



Now everyone is empowered with Global Customization feature, unleash creativity by using necessary functions and features

Enlight Shader interior look

Outside look

Shader Features

  • Detailed shadows, stars
  • Atmospheric fog
  • Visual Realistic Moon (4K High Resolution)
  • Colorful Night
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Realistic rain
  • Enhanced Oceans & Night Glow
  • Global Configuration with the Enlight Console app

These features can be configured, modified, and disabled (you can use ENLS app which available soon on Android). In addition, there are some features of Enlight shader that are also exclusive in the app.

Supported Platforms

It only work on Android and iOS/iPadOS, doesn’t support on Windows 10 or Console edition of Minecraft



– Added new screenshots from Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs update
– Few tweaks to optimize your performance for Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update.
– Get Enlight Graphics Command Center to *boost your performance even further!

Minecraft Shaders


Enlight Shader

Download shader
Enlight Graphics Command Center

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