Ghostwire Tokyo V1

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Hi! I’m new to Addon development, so I don’t know how to create new animations, models, or intricate physics yet, but I’m learning:P This addon is based on the game Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it will include the game’s “visitors”.

Cre: J.S.Art

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Ghostwire Tokyo V1


*Rainwalker – 30 HP

*Student of Misery – 15 HP

*Raincoat – 10 HP

*Shine Dancers – 10 HP

*Paper Doll – 20 HP

During the night, all monsters (Visitors) spawn spontaneously all around the world.

Shine dancers do not chase the player, but you will perish if you come too close to them.

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When Raincoat is attacked, it summons other visitors.

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This version is a beta/test; if you like the concept, I’ll add more Visitors, improve their mechanics, and make the addon more interesting in the future. Please leave a remark and download if you want to help me out! (can you buy ambien in costa rica)


This addon brings new Mobs, I accept suggestions of which Visitors to add

Ghostwire Tokyo V1

Download Ghostwire Tokyo V1 (Mediafire) or File Drive

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Ghostwire Tokyo V1

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