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Piggy in Roblox that makes you feel interesting? Would you like to add all the piggy in that game in Minecraft? Well, this Piggy Addon will help you get them!! There are substance 128 infections come to Minecraft, some iconic piggy character herself, George, Robby, and many other characters!


Piggy Addon

Besides piggy characters, this addon also adds some items and blocks that you can explore! Check the description below to get information on enemies and allies.


All of them have:

  • 100 health
  • Deal 5 hearts damage.
  • Speed similar zombie except for the grandmother character

The next character is called Soldier who has the same damage and speed as these monsters above but is much weaker. It has 20 health and a knife

Continue to explore monsters which include ghosty, frostiggy, and robby. These ones have different habilities


  • Robby makes more damage
  • Frostiggy give to you slowness
  • Ghosty is transparent and don’t make any sound just when kill

Then come to custom characters, there is a boss and is giant piggy for the fight

Finally, the same AI from Soldier

Alfis the alligator monster in Piggy Addon can swim and look him a bit taller than normal monsters.

Glitch memory: same memory but different colors

Mr stitchy has the power and a lantern, he can be angry if you see him!

mcpeaddons download

Download Piggy Addon mcaddon

Pickle rick, pumpiggy, billy, dakoda, lisa, mari, infected zizzy, friend(WIP), infected doggy and finally clowny: these monsters have the same behavior

Teacher and the ruler


Npc – Piggy Addon

  • George Piggy: he is just a child and needs an apple for tame
  • Doggy: this is the police officer as well as friend dog, if you want to tame him, you need a bone.
  • Zizzy: using grass to tame her
  • Pony
  • Robby
  • Penny Piggy: If you hit her, she will be scared and you can infect her

Every NPC has blink animation except the infected.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Piggy Addon Items

Some of the items in the picture above don’t have a crafting recipe.

  • Baseball bat and black baseball bat: 5 damage
  • Ice baseball bat: 5.5 damage
  • Cutlass: 6 damage
  • Fencing foil: 6 damage
  • Combat knife: 3.9 damage.
  • Gas use for the car
  • Magenta feather is for a hat in the future
  • Substance 128 is for infect or drank yourself.
  • Others items are for map makers

Hats Piggy Addon

Zizzy hat, Owell witch hat, a diving helmet, there are some cool infection glasses and normal glasses,


This car of piggy intercity and have animation

Holiday characters – Piggy Addon


Crove and alt crove



Frostiggy – Reindessa – Primrose – Mr. Bliss – Krampiggy: these characters don’t freeze in the powder snow!

BLOCKS – Piggy Addon


Christmas blocks

More Credits

👉 Check out more cool addons in mcpeaddons.com, hope you have a fun time with it!


Piggy Addon for Minecraft:
– Added christmas characters: Primrose, Krampiggy, Mr. Bliss, Reindessa.
– Bug Fixed
– New Christmas featured image
– Fixed every section of the addon info like npc, monsters, blocks etc.


mcpeaddons download

Piggy Addon for Minecraft or here (google drive)

You can also check the zip file here: Piggy addon .zip

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