The Nether Variants Addon for Minecraft Pe

Nether variants addon include 25 new mobs that you will like as a Wither army, Piglin troops, and powerful witches,… They have interesting abilities and power and more in the Nether Update

Cre: Lord_Tomato, Twitter

The Withers – Nether Variants

Wither Archers

They similar normal Skeletons but with slightly more health. They can shoot 2 to 3 arrows at a time and common through the Nether

To defeat withers archers, you can use ranged weapons

Mortified Withers

Wither Skeletons are very weak and defenseless

  • One hit from them will cause a long lasting wither effect to ensure the kill as vengeance
  • They are very common in the nether
  • Keep distance on this mob
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Soul Withers

These withers are bad news with intense speed to hit them one slash from these guys are deadly causing blindness

  • They have decent health and armor
  • Rare in the nether
  • Player can defeat them by using ranged weapons

Wither Brutes

  • The powerful and reinforced health
  • The wither brutes give a powerful hit and give weakness for the 30s
  • Slightly Rare In the Nether
  • Player need to keep distance on this mob

Blood Wither

They look similar to Evokers but can summon Wither Troops whenever a nearby mob

  • Average and magical
  • Very rare in the nether

Ancient Wither

This is an old Withers that can not fights, gives different trades than the Withers

Chief Wither

Combat focused Wither


Defiant Witches

  • They have a chance to ignore attacks cause a very tough fight
  • There are 3 modes: Melee, Ranged, Summon.
  • Bring a Shield and Bow
  • Slightly common in the Nether

Scorched Phantom

  • They can sneak up on you for an easy attack
  • Stronger but less damage
  • Rare through the Nether
  • Use Shields and Bows

Warped Boar

  • This is a passive animal that afraid of everything
  • Common through the warped forest

Wither Ghast

It is an aggressive Ghast with 3 times the amount of health (2 attacks). it’s slightly rare through the Nether

Warrior Piglins Nether Variants

It looks similar to the Brute. It can become peaceful if you give them Gold (they don’t barter)

Withered Piglin

This is infected Piglins that attack Withers and Piglins. It gives Wither effect

Despair Witch

This is outcasted Witches with abilities like attack piglins, withers and other wiches

Other mobs

and more…


– Fixed
+ Withers not spawning as much
+ Piglin Spawn rules
– Added Piglin Chief’s animations and spawns
– Changed Withered Pigs behavior


Nether Variants Add-on (B) .McPack
Nether Variants Add-on (R) .McPack

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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