Flying Carpets And Scorpions v3 Addon for Minecraft

Wanna free as a bird and fly in the sky? Where a bird with a square of carpet stuck on its legs!! Is that make you interested? Flying Carpets And Scorpions addon will help you build an Elytra and a blanketed scorpion! Let’s explore the Minecraft world in special way

Cre: mno, (Twitter, Youtube)

Flying Carpets And Scorpions

Try flying in the sky by carpets, you just need to put it down, sit on it and you are all set to travel around the world


  • You need an Elytra and a blanketed scorpion
  • Holding the elytra, then you can interact with the scorpion
  • Your elytra will disappear and scorpion too
  • After that A MAGIC CARPET will appear
  • Hop on, look up to fly up, look down to fly down, you know the drill

OR you can craft it with this recipe

Flying Carpets have two seats, so you and your friends can go around together!

Some carpets in Flying Carpets And Scorpions addon

Flying Carpets And Scorpions addon instructions

  • The magic carpet can be damaged, but don’t worry you can repair it by using string. Just feet it string
  • In the case the magic carpet dies because you never used one before. You will get your elytra back, then find a friendly or not-friendly scorpion again

You can find scorpions in the desrt hills or in desert oases. Choose the scorpion with the blanket on its back to make a magic carpet

Minecraft Gun Mod

Note from creator:

  • If you do a review/showcase Flying Carpets And Scorpions addon, thank you!! Please link back original link, don’t put your direct link. Cheer


– Some adjustments to add a crafting recipe and refinements to the flying process.


Flying Carpets And Scorpions

or Download (GG Drive)

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