Minuscule Texture Pack [8x]

You can see the blocks may look simplistic in this Minuscule texture pack 8×8 but they also have lots of detail that will make you interest!! Give it a shot and tell us what you think below


Minuscule Texture Pack Expects

It starts from one of my biggest pet peeves with the 8×8 texture pack. They focus so much on making it look simplistic that they end up looking boring and drab!! So this pack was created with a simplistic yet look but detailed and easy on the eyes

Here is some of the captures:

Minuscule Pack doesn’t have Beta support, this is for stability


– Tweaked:
+ Axes since they look too similar to pickaxes
+ ALL leaf textures so they tile better
+ Furnace and dispensers
+ Bee nest.
+ Sandstone and all variants with 3 new alts!
+ Tulips
+ Fletcher’s table
– Fixed a bug where potions didn’t render correctly.


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