Demon Hunter Addon

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Hello, 2022, and new projects! Demon Hunter Addon is an addon that immerses you in the famous Demon hunt and adds three varieties as well as a fantastic boss.

Cre: Fenrir Studio

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Demon Hunter addon 

The Crafteos as well as instructions will be in a file in the download link



– You’ll need syringes to draw blood.

Why am I required to obtain blood?

The ritual is made with villager blood, while the demonic blend is made with demonic blood

How to get demon blood:

  • Take a syringe, and interact with any demon (Rank 1, 2 or 3) Be careful.

How to get villager blood:

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  • Take a syringe and interact with the villager using it.

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Demon Hunter Addon

The Behemoth the addon’s boss, is spawned using the ritual.

The Behemoth has 400 health points and deals 20 damage every attack.

When you slay the behemoth, it will drop a sword with a durability of 5000 and a 20 attack damage.

Things that you need:

To create the base, you’ll need 9 syringes filled with villager blood.

2. Obtain the demonic grimoire, which may be found in the overworld’s ravines.

3. Create the demonic blend: You’ll need demon essence (rank one demon has a chance of dropping it), as well as the blood of the three demons.

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  • How to do the ritual:

Place the ritual base first.

2. Place the demonic grimoire over it. 3. Use the demonic blend to interact with the ritual, and the behemoth will spawn.

Info about the demons:


Demon Hunter Addon

Rank one demon: This demon spawns in the nether and overworld, and it has the same life as a normal player, as well as 5 attack damage.

Demon Hunter Addon

Rank three demon: Only spawns in the nether, with 70 health and 20 attack damage.

Demon Hunter Addon
Demon Hunter Addon

Behemoth (BOSS): Use the ritual to summon it; it has 400 health and 20 attack damage.

Demon Hunter Addon
Demon Hunter Addon



Make a blessed sword out of iron and a wooden crucifix.

Make a wooden cross out of sticks.

Create a demon catalyst using a rank two demon eye and leads.

The bastion chests contain a golden amulet and a golden cross.

Kill the Behemoth using the Demonic Blood Sword. Durability of 5000 and attack damage of 20.

Demon Hunter Addon



  • Demon hunter hat
  • Demon hunter jacket
  • Demon hunter leggings

Craft them with red wool and iron nuggets.

Demon Hunter Addon

Guns and bullets:


Bullets: Made of gunpoder and black wool demonite ingots.

Iron huntress bullets are made from two regular bullets.

5 iron huntress bullets were used to make the hunter shotgun bullets.

To load the ammo, place the gun along with the munition on the construction table.

To load the ammo, place the gun and munition on the crafting table.

Demon Hunter Addon
Demon Hunter Addon
Demon Hunter addon



Demonite ore: Found it in the nether and in the overworld. 


-64-20 (Overworld)

0-20 (Nether)

Demonite ore ingot: Put the demonite shard in the furnace or the blast furnace.


  • Models and textures are updated
  • Fixed bugs that introduced the new official version
Demon Hunter Addon

Download Demon Hunter (Resource pack) or Download now

Download Demon Hunter ( Behavior pack) or Download now

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