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Defense Turrets


Defiende tu base con torretas, cada una tiene un poder diferente. Las torretas atacarán a cualquier mafia hostil que se les acerque lo suficiente, pero ten cuidado de que las turbas también intenten atacarlas, así que mejor protege tus torretas en un lugar donde los monstruos no las alcancen.

Creator: Rudyrex (Facebook)

Defense Turrets

Defend your base with turrets, each one has a different power.

Defense Turrets

The turrets will attack any hostile mob that approaches them enough, but be careful that the mobs will also try to attack them so better protect your turrets in a place where the monsters do not reach them.

Defense Turrets

There are 4 types of turrets and craftings

•Skeleton Turret

Defense Turrets

•Shulker Turret

Defense Turrets

•Blaze Turret

Defense Turrets

Witch Turret

Defense Turrets

You can create them with iron ingots, crossbow and their respective battery.

To obtain batteries you must kill your respective mobs.

Skeleton = Skeleton Battery

Shulker = Shulker Battery

Blaze = Blaze Battery

Witch = Witch Turret

But the batteries are quite scarce, make sure you have enchanted your sword with looting to increase the probability of getting a battery.

This pack requires experimental functions: Holiday Creator Features.

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A new turret was added, the witch turret.

Now the witches also drop batteries.

Some bugs were solved in the behavior of the turrets.

Defense Turrets


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Bro, todas las baterías funcionan? Hay unas que aveces no quieren servir y otras que si, porque?

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